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  • The right way to eat
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    I love beans but they have no plaice on a plate with fish and chips

    All the better for being accidental 🙂

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    I think you will find the weirdo here is you being so concerned about other people’s eating habits?

    This is not a question. This is a fact.

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    Man who eat fish, chips and pees on same plate very unhygienic.

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    As long as there is brown sauce there is no problem about the order of eating.

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    Optimist eats from the worst to the best.
    Pessimist eats best to worst in case they die before the end of the meal.

    The guy was clearly an optimist, good for him.

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    And this is why some of us losers love this place so much. Many lols, thank you 😄

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    All the batter for being accidental 🙂


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    I have a tendency to eat meals in component parts when they’re things like fish & chips or a Sunday dinner, haven’t killed anyone, yet.

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    Someone needs to tell all the MasterChef contestants and judges they are getting it all wrong when they create a delicious combination of proteins, vegetables, carbs and sauces where every element complements each other. Idiots.

    My brother in law is from Bari, southern Italy, where my sister has lived since 1982. He almost always eats his meat or fish separately from any vegetables unless it is something like a casserole where he might have potatoes with it.

    Yeah but that’s in Italy where each individual dish is nice enough to be eaten in it’s own right. 🙂

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    Christmas Dinner* will go somthing like. Sprouts, carrots, beans, cauliflower cheese

    Oh my crap. I mean, I know I’m from a family of vegetarians, but it’s this actually A Thing? But, but, but, WHY?! The risk of gravy pollution! What madness is this?

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    cauliflower cheese

    What do you do with that? It smells like feet and looks like puke.

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    mjsmke – the voice of sanity on this thread.

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    Fancy restaurants deal with the OP’s problem by serving food one teaspoonful at a time.

    When I found out what this was, I laughed so hard I snotted on the keyboard.

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    That is an epic review.

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    Beans with fish and chips? Lock him up!

    Curry sauce ftw.

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    Haha! What an experience!

    I’ve not been anywhere like that, but I have a had a couple of experiences where it was so bad it was like being in faulty towers or some candid camera joke. So bad it was actually really entertaining, but never went back.

    In terms of the OP, fekking weirdos! And baked beans with fish and chips is just wrong! I eat bits of everything together, and would always eat the fish before it got cold, leaving a few chips to mop up around the plate.

    Though to be fair I would probably disgust a few as I like curry sauce on my fish and chips, along with a splash of tomato sauce and mayonnaise! A great combo 😁

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