The 'Rhayader Round" route – suitable for 15 fellas on stag?

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  • The 'Rhayader Round" route – suitable for 15 fellas on stag?
  • mtbmatt

    Not a route I would take beginners on, some steep climbs are descents in that.
    Plenty of other options from Rhayader though.

    Start in Rhayader, warm up along the Elan Valley Trail, at the end take
    this BW west to east
    and cross the road to take
    this BW SE back to Rhayader

    Only one real hill and a fast as you want descent to finish.



    Will you start drinking before, after or during the ride?

    by the time we get everyone sorted in the morning, it’ll probably be time for a pint. limiting factor is we’ve got to get a couple of bikes back to the hire shop by 5.30, so can’t ****t about for too long, plus got to get the bbq fired up in good time…

    clarkpm4242 – cheers for that, looks good.


    Speak to Clive or Neil at the bike shop (Clive Powell Mountain Bikes) in Rhayader they will give you some great routes. Tell them you want to go up Bonk Hill and down the full length of the Links to finish. Trust it’s worth it. Great place to ride the Elan Valley. That route you mention above is really good but it’s not for total beginners.

    we’re heading to clive powells first thing anyway to pick up a couple of bikes, so will pick their brains. cheers for the thoughts.


    so heading up to Rhayader for stag do this weekend, and the plan is to ride some bikes and as always it’s a bit of a mixed ability group. I’ve been nosing round the old interweb for some route guidance and found a write up of the something called the ‘Rhayader round’
    any of you folks familiar with this? and if so, reckon it’s suitable for this kind of group? or any alternative suggestions?


    clarkpm4242’s route is pretty much what you posted, minus the first bit.
    It is a much better suggestion, although there is a fair bit of bike path in that – but at least everyone should be capable of riding it!

    The SE bridleway “Golf Course Descent” is one of my favourites – not technical, but pretty rocky and as fast as your want it to be.

    Be warned though, it’s a bit of a bog fest to get to the start of it. The path by “Roman Camp” doesnt exist on the ground (in my experience). I’ve used the road to the north to loop around to the start of the bridleway descent.

    Have fun.

    Did you get round? 🙂

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    “Suitable for 15 fellas on stag”

    Not taking bikes then? Those Welsh stage must be roomy

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