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  • hammerite

    It’s possible that one or more of the downs might need running too!

    Premier Icon sturmey

    hammerite was just wondering where the lake was at Bingley because the river is next to the park then saw 2nd post. Think there may well be lakes now.


    Hammerite, loved the way the lake became part of the circuit. Strangely enough I didn’t see anyone trying to pass on that section?


    Today was a bit muddy. Not my best day on a bike I think. Fortunately I had 3 people who cheered me on at the back, which was nice – L, rigg and Kelvin’s son. I think I’ve almost got the mud out of my left eye now.


    aP sorry about being dreadfully rude this afternoon, but we have a club points trophy. Being bad but consistent seems to be working so far.


    Haha – but with that tache, and those burns I expected nothing less!
    Well done, payback for last week 😉


    Well done both.

    aP – are you the Archer rider? I was the bloke at the finish with the clipboard stood with Mark D and Kelvin’s son.

    Glad you enjoyed the course OG. Results are up on the Central CXL website, also check out the photos, some really funny ones.

    Apologies if it seemed a bit chaotic and disorganised yesterday, it’s because it was! Getting there on Sunday morning to see the weather and flooding had undone a lot of what we did on Saturday was a tad frustrating and left us with a bit more to do than usual and a shorter course as a result. Had to change the bits near the lake, as well as the start finish as we couldn’t take a vehicle/gazebo any further than the hard standing.


    Blimey there’s a nip in the air.


    Hammerite – yup. I came up and had a chat with Mark earlier as well, you too I guess! Liam then ‘attached’ himself to us for the period I wasn’t riding.
    Not going to Reading today, been a long week and have got work to do so a 3 hour road ride instead this morning. Bid preparation this afternoon.
    Will be at the next 2 though.

    Local race this morning, minus 6 when we set off. Nice little 40 mins before the last two rounds of the national cup next weekend. Managed to put a hole in my tights/knee after misjudging a corners entry speed 😳

    Frozen ground and low pressure tubs makes for some interesting sensations going through the bike!


    Raced at PORC today, on a tubeless set-up (new UST Vittoria XGs) – underestimated front pressure though (maybe 25psi was a bit optimistic in retrospect!) & burped on one of the lumpy descents.

    Ace course though & another big field.

    The racing season, It aint going so well this last while!

    DMCV8912 by thebelgianproject, on Flickr

    Larne, final round of the Ulster Cyclocross league.
    Championships in 2 weeks, hopefully Will go better. Legs were in bits yesterday. Poor prep so at least I know why. The worst thing about cross racing is you know within 2 laps whether you are going to enjoy it or suffer it!

    PORC as well for me yesterday. I absolutely loved the fact it was so technical but MTBs were still a disadvantage. 23PSI for me, seemed to work well on the frozen bits as well when as the ground thawed out a bit.

    Raced the western league round 10 in Gloucester yesterday.

    This was part of the course

    which had been ridden 2 weeks before!.

    Was very muddy and first time riding tubs (which i glued myself). Came 11th which i was pleased with. only 2 more to go

    V brakes working well


    on a tubeless set-up (new UST Vittoria XGs)

    John, what rims were you using ?
    I have got the same tyres, but as yet not used them without inner tubes.


    Open Pros with old 26″ Eclipse rim strips.

    Leggyblonde – I was the one with Oli, PTH & Jo B at the end – fully dressed & looking pissed off 🙂


    Did PORC aswell LB. Apart from crashing and Gabor splitting my difference it was a good race and enjoyable circuit.
    Guess which one is me in this vid:

    That video is ace, doesn’t show how how steep it was but the crashes are hilarious!

    John_I the brighton/morvelo crew love PORC, always good to see them at races.

    Last two rounds of the Swedish national cup, may have just sneaked into the top ten overall, but snow is my least favourite surface.

    Jealous, I love racing in the snow and ice!

    Really good course in Basingstoke on Sunday for Southern Champs. Flat and fast, not muddy and fun on the BMX circuit. Apart from a terrible start my race was pretty uneventful as I minced around in the lower positions but bloody hell the front runners are fast!!!

    Apart from a terrible start my race was pretty uneventful as I minced around in the lower positions but bloody hell the front runners are fast!!!

    yea.. i heard the geezer cleaning up in the local western league John whittington (he lapped me the other week and i was 10th) came 3rd


    Cyncoed CX today.
    Great muddy conditions..

    Raced in a depleted western league in Bristol yesterday. Quite muddy in places and less technical than other courses. About a 3rd of the course was on tarmac.

    Got a really good start, half way round on the tarmac section i saw a group of 6 sheltering from the wind.. so overtake them all to find myself in 2nd position! Some guy joined me and we battled for 5 laps until he pulled away. I got 3rd. My best result so far so well chuffed–Glen-scores-second-win-of-Western-League-0

    Pic of sunday’s race

    Last league round doubling up as Ulster Championships.
    Very technical course. And very claggy mud so I did a lot of running on the first few laps to try and save the bike from clogging up.
    Was with a group of 4 guys, confident after previous performances i could beat them. Rode all the muddy bits on the 2nd last lap to try and gap them, started to pick up a lot of mud. Then on the final lap when I hadn’t shook them off, I imploded! A minute slower on my last lap and crossed the line feeling like I would be quicker on my hands and knees!

    Wee video from the event also:

    Ended up 11th 🙁

    Southampton Wessex CX today. Deep wet mud, pouring rain and windy. Love it!


    Last counting round of the central CXL returns to Culham Park due to the original venue being lost. It should be a hoot.

    Lots of help needed with set up and take down….hint hint.


    Culham Park, Abingdon. Loved it earlier in the season, but today;
    It was hard work.
    My back ached.
    My back still aches.
    I was shoved off.
    My leg is cut to bits.
    I wanted to step off.
    Wrong gear ratio.
    Hardest race of the ten this year. 😥

    I enjoyed the trip to Culham but that course really was hard. Even though it was pretty dry there was no real rest and the wet sand was so draggy! I want to race there when the ground is hard and fast, it would be great.

    Sorry that you got shoved off OG

    This pretty much sums up the season for me. Muddy, raining and knackered 🙂

    Oops, photo fail!
    belgian by bmclynskey1, on Flickr[/img]


    Sorry that you got shoved off OG

    On that teeny weeny step up on the 180o turn, you get there first, not good form to even try and get past on a 30 inch bit of track


    The weekend looks interesting. I’m racing at Hitchin, the last race of the season and not a points race.

    Been a good year, I was hoping to get a V50 overall podium place but fell short at 4th overall 😥 more hard work in 2013.

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