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  • cynic-al

    ood news, I hate the fact that stores like this are so keen to do us over.


    Google are evil 😉

    I’ve used it on a Fridge Freezer too. 3 years and it broke. First got a non helpful response. Followed it up with a bit more knowledge based on reasonable life expectancies and knowing my rights and – very quickly got a 50% refund on the price to put towards another one. So I went from nothing to £350 better off with a bit of google and singletrackworld.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Son’s Nexus 7 screen spontaneously cracks this morning (yes, really). Apparently, it’s a known issue relating to the screen separating and lifting away from the case. Daughter’s Nexus 7, on examination, is lifting away as well.

    Ring Google Play Store customer support. Describe problem, and the nice lady tells me the cracked screen wouldn’t be covered by warranty, even though they would be prepared to fix the lifted one….!

    At which point I launch into the full Sale of Goods Act spiel – manufacturing defect, not fit for purpose….etc etc.

    The clouds immediately lift, straight onto the replacement fast track for both devices.

    I love this country sometimes…and pity the poor buggers who live elsewhere and are getting stiffed by Google and Asus over this fault.

    EDIT so happy, posted it in the wrong forum…apologies…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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