The Orphanage

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  • The Orphanage
  • Watched this at the weekend. Loved it – well the bits I could watch without covering my face and watching from the gaps in my fingers! Really creepy and atmospheric, and wasn't expecting it to end the way it did. Have seen three of Guillermo del Toro's film and not been disappointed yet.

    Only problem is I've been freaked out by it since then and can't sleep properly!! The scenes with Tomas in the mask (where he's standing at the end of the hall, and the mother is in the bathroom) and the bit where the mother is in bed, and something gets in beside her, but there's nothing there play on my mind in the early hours of the morning :-O

    yes – very scary

    but also so touching and sad at the end

    loved it

    oooohhhh *covers eyes*. yes, that's the bit. he made some freaky breathing noises as well.

    i missed quite a bit of the ending (well the bit where she figured out how he died) because i was covering my eyes as i couldn't take any more at that point 😀


    i went to a screening of this with a Q&A from the director and producer at the end. it was at a super swanky cinema in mayfair. my girlfriend uses a wheelchair, and the access to that cinema is a lift that rises up out of the floor at the front right below the screen. she's not a huge fan of scary films, but i persuaded her it wouldn't be too bad. about 10 mins in, she turned to me with a look of terror, gripped my arm and whispered, "I… CAN'T… WATCH…. THIS…". realising that our choices would involve either staying put or getting her to the front in front of the director and a packed cinema, waiting for the lift and then leaving after 10 mins, i persuaded her to stay where she was! she got through it, but maintains it's the scariest film she's ever seen… 😆

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    Haven't seem the film, looking at that picture don't want to either….8O


    It's v good, definitely, but with that and the Devil's Backbone, one wonders if GdT has issues with orphanages and ghosts. I think I saw an interview with Mark Kermode where he denied it…
    Isn't he also directing the Hobbit?

    yes, he's meant to be directing the hobbit, so that should be good.

    Pan's labyrinth uses the same style – well, ghosts anyway (and i suppose technically, she ends up an orphan before she dies) so maybe you are right.

    really good though and well worth seeing. not seen the devils backbone – is it worth it (and how scary is it?)


    Devils backbone very good as well, go for it, i refund the rental fee if you were disappointed. But I don't think the orphanage is scary and if from the picture above you are expecting some gory stuff, you are very wrong. It's all great. The highlight for me it's when she decide to play the game with the kids.


    Can I be pedant again 😉

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