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    Ratherbe – it can’t be self funding as it is a defined benefit scheme i.e. The “risk” is taken by tax payers and not members. Additionally the self funding claim was only ever even partly true when there were significant year on year increases in the NHS workforce i.e. More people working and paying in than people retiring or already retired. As has been widely reported that “tipping point” will be reached by the end of this decade and will lead to a rapid year on year shortfall in scheme finance – which the treasury / the public will have to top up.


    Can anyone tell me if any of those recommendations have been acted on?

    He stands by his suggestion that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence should set out how many staff are needed on any type of ward at any time

    Given his rhetoric on patient care, it’s funny how Hunt seems curiously reluctant to implement the recommendations on minimum staffing levels… 🙄

Viewing 2 posts - 161 through 162 (of 162 total)

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