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  • Agree about Dalton (there don’t seem to be too many of us though).


    Connery in From Russia With Love. There was a hard edge that disappeared in his later films, but a bit of lightheartedness too.

    My Grandfather was the Art Director on that film…


    I had the good fortune to meet Timothy Dalton, top bloke and too handsome for his own good.


    I couldn’t bring myself to love Skyfall. It was fine but it didn’t make sense in so many ways. Not as good as previous Daniel Craig bond films.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Skyfall made a bit more sense than Quantum of Solace, mind. But then I’ve seen picasso paintings that make more sense than QoS.


    Alas, the list is not as complete as people would care to think. There is no mention of David Niven as _Sir_ James Bond, or Woody Allen as Jimmy Bond, both from Casino Royale (a much underrated Bond film).


    What about Russ Abbot’s portrayal of Basildon Bond?
    Had a Bond ever been nominated for best actor at the Oscars?

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    James McAvoy is about 5’4″. He’d make a great Bond as long as the baddie is Warwick Davies

    Genuine lol! 😆

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    Agree about Dalton (there don’t seem to be too many of us though).

    Tim was always my favourite. it helped that he was a proper actor.

    jason isaacs would be good.
    could i be miss money penny, plleeeaassssse?


    McAvoy is far too weedy to be bond.

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    Jason Statham.


    Maybe David Jason could give the role a wee lift.

    The name’s Bond – Del Bond

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    Idris Elba is an excellent suggestion actually.

    Bet he’s already being tapped up.


    I always though Bond films were stupid, until the Craig ones. Hard to tell who’s the better actor as the DC films are SO much better, and would be whoever was in them. Craig does nail it though. By far the baddest ass Bond, no question.

    As Northwind says though, Quantum of Solace was utterly incomprehensible. Not really Daniel Craig’s fault though.

    Still, at least it wasn’t as bad as that Brosnan one with the invisible car.

    There was rumours a while ago that it would be Clive Owen, and I thought he would be good. Maybe too old now and is he that active in films any more?


    Jason Statham.

    Too East end, me ole China.


    Quite simple

    Clive Owen – he’d be awesome

    Clive Owen – he’d be awesome

    I agree. However, he was considered, and possibly even approached, before Craig. Not sure he wanted/wants the gig.

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