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  • Mrs Toast

    Me: “I’ve bought a new bike, it’s a 2nd 29er”

    Him: “I know, I pointed it out to you and told you to buy it. The forks are heavy, it could do with upgraded forks… and maybe better wheels”.

    Me: “I bought purple pedals and grips to match the decals”.

    Him: “…”

    Me: “Also, can’t replace the forks because they’ve got purple decals on and match the frame nicely.”

    Him: “…can I have a Santa Cruz Tallboy?”

    Me: “Yeah, OK.”

    Told my girlfriend I wanted a road bike soon, she said ‘if you want it work hard and get it’ couldn’t be with someone who I had to lie/hide/pretend to.

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    I don’t have to justify getting another bike… (I want a road bike).

    The only sore point is where it will be kept. My hardtail and full suss already live in the kitchen-diner… in the spot where a sofa used to be… that she suggested we got rid of so there was somewhere for me to put my bikes that wasn’t in the hall way. I can hardly complain.

    I reckon I could get a road bike between the other 2 though as they are in stands so it wouldn’t actually take up any more room. Maybe…

    I get grief about bikes and more recently camera stuff, but I’m driving a 13yr old truck and she has a 1yr old Jeep Grand Cherokee and I’m the only one with a full-time job, so the arguments don’t usually last very long 😉

    The boot is on the other foot in our house – My best half is currently making suspiciously encouraging noises about me getting a new singlespeed. I’m not daft though, I know as soon as I make the decision, she’ll just casually mention that she doesn’t have a carbon hardtail for racing…

    The current bone of contention in our house is my subscription to trainerroad and settign up in (one of) the spare room(s).

    We never have guests anyway so why we have to have two spotless empty spare rooms I’ve no idea.

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    About 3 months ago my missus had:


    – Short travel full sus, race bike
    – Long travel full sus, play bike
    – 29er full sus
    – Road bike
    – Singlespeed

    I had:

    – A road bike

    We understand each other, so I never need to hide anything from her.

    Except the pron.

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    No problems at all….provided I buy/make one up for her at the same time 🙂

    Can get expensive though …..and the shed’s getting a bit crowded!!!


    Riding the incorrect bike on the road can damage the crown jewels & potentially future children. You wouldn’t want that would you missus…


    My GF is buying our house. My bike cost no where near her mortgage 😆


    My wife and i have a simple agreement, we split all the bills 50/50 and whatever i have left is mine to do what i want with. I have never understood the whole “oh no she’ll kill me for buying one of those” MTFU its your money

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    Like boysie this is wife #2 and is in every way but one superior to wife #1. Unfortunately the one is money spent on bikes. When married 1st time around I had 4 m/bikes and she had 2 and didn’t care if I bought another. Now I read this I am beginning to realise I might have made a dreadful mistake….


    I’m firmly in the “grow a pair” camp.

    ETA: I meant balls, not another pair of tits, just to clarify.

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    I don’t get this thread


    MTFU is the answer. If you want to spend your money your way, do it. You just need to work out what you can sacrifice on the build to make it seem like you’re not spending all your money on yourself.

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