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  • The Midweek Ride Picture Thread.
  • myti
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    A ‘red’ trail forks descent in Murcia. This was the easy bit of the trail. it got steep and incredibly loose after this and no photos exist.


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    Spent some time failing to get ShockWiz tuning completed satisfactorily… but it was nice to be out and in the company of twisty tree.


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    Got the “big bike” out of winter hibernation, surprisingly warm and pleasant 34 mile loop

    i love my single speed but it’s nice to have gears and not spin out so easily on the tarmac for a change





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    Mrsstu’s non working day today so she joined me for a spin.

    1150 meters, no rain and grippy trails.
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2pAD3PP]IMG_20240228_110733589[/url] by StuartBrettle, on Flickr
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2pACL5w]Green.[/url] by StuartBrettle, on Flickr

    I’ve noticed this rare tree a few times recently so today I stopped to get a picture of it.
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2pAKq5F]The Sausage Tree.[/url] by StuartBrettle, on Flickr

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    It felt like riding inside a cloud yesterday. Moist..

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    Got another ride in today as the sun was attempting to come out.
    Windy as **** but bagged another 1000 meters.
    Attempting to teach myself how to ride in SPD’s again.
    Used to switch back and forth but not used them for around four years now.
    Three rides in and only one moment so far…


    Snowdrops and Sun Glint.

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    A wee bimble around Glen Tanar and Birse today. It was windy up high, enough that it was taking my breath away from me. I also came close to losing a derailleur and wheel after hooking a large branch.

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    ^^^ looks ace!

    A bit more gloomy in South Wales, but avoided all but a few spots of rain.


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    Last nights spin around the tops of Rossendale


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    Seaham this morning..


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    Another ride with Mrsstu this morning.
    Trails are getting slippery now they’re drying out.
    1000 meters then went to the cafe with a mate. Trying to cheer him up a bit after he had a nasty crash last week and will be off the bike for a little while with two cracked vertebrae and a broken collar bone.

    One Last Climb To The Top.


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    A solo 1100 meters this morning.
    Drizzle and mist but no proper rain.
    Trails were wet but grippy.


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    Monday mornings should all be like this.


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    Solo XC ride for me this morning.
    40KM 1000 Meters.
    Great to see a huge rainbow.
    Not so great when I rode into the heavy rain at the top of one of the hills.
    Win some/lose some.



    I Can Still See Them.

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    My first commute to WFH today. Nice weather but everywhere is soaked through so mainly a tarmac bimble.


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    Malaga at 0630 tomorrow for 3 1/2 days dry and dusty riding 🙂

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    **** off will you.

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    @singlespeedstu – fair 🙂

    I do have to get up* at 0145am to get the early flight. On the upside shall be riding around 1pm hopefully. Assuming I packed everything removed from the RipMo.

    I’ll normally ride every week however bad it is, but this year I’ve sacked off two day long rides as I couldn’t be ar$ed with another day in the slop. So really looking forward to riding proper trails outside rather than the turbo/treadmill winter I’ve been having!

    *realistically I’m not going to bed

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    Post tinkering shakedown ride on the big bike, was going well until I found ALL of the slop

    Bike looked like it was in a mud made travel case at one point

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    First Wednesday night club ride I’ve been able to get to since the Christmas break. Get to the meet up point (admittedly about 5 minutes late) to find no one else there…

    So pootled off on a solo ride instead, but did later bump into a couple of club riders on their way back.

    Not quite enough light for ‘good’ photos under the trees.

    2024 04 10 All By Myself 02

    2024 04 10 All By Myself 04

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    Away camping and decided to sneak in a 40km gravel loop on my Ripmo.

    Amazing roads. Came across some very big roadworks in the middle of nowhere (aka Whoop-whoop) and the roadworkers said they knew I was coming and could ride through…so I was mixing it up with the trucks and graders.


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