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  • The house is quiet today.
  • samuri

    Nope but on September the 20th my son starts at university so it’ll be quiet at our house from that point onwards.[1]

    [1] After 1pm, it was always quiet before 1pm because he’d be in bed.


    Kid number two started school today, and kid number three started nursery. Feels awfy quiet in the house.

    Anyone else rattling around the house with no kids to entertain.

    Seems bloody strange after having the three of them running riot for the last 7 weeks.


    Glupton, you mean to tell me you both your weans are being looked after and you’re …….. in the house?
    Are you Ill?
    stop posting on here and get cycling, go NOW.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    And here too – for the first time since babybgoode was born (14 months) i have the house to myself all day.

    Just about to start on the attic (designated man zone of the house) and get it all nice again after a few months of neglect.


    Yep same here youngest into P1 middle into P6 and firstborn into 3rd year all quite here
    although due to end soon as the youngest is only in till 12:15 today
    looking forward to midweek days off when I wont need to be back in the house for them till 3pm
    woo hoo

    Premier Icon molgrips

    My oldest starts full time school in September, there’ll still be a 2yo knocking around all day though. Can’t wait for her to be out too. If I’m working at home me and the Mrs will have the place to ourselves 🙂

    Premier Icon stevied

    Jeremy Kyle is probably on one of the channels now..

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Holiday Club finished this week so my 3yo is now home full time until pre school starts back in sept. After a tantrum over who got to open the front door when we left our friend’s house this morning we are anything but quiet.

    Premier Icon andycs

    My house was quiet, however Daughter now home after 10 weeks working in USA.


    My 2 are in Scarborough for the week with the Outlaws, just me & MrsCat rattling around in the house, I dread the day the youngest leaves for Uni, we’ll have to talk to each other again!!

    Premier Icon transporter13


    Thats the reason you have the problem in the first place 😉

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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