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  • ilovemygears

    yea once you cross get out of salford quays youre in to Jeremy kyle land


    I always thought that the sign on the shopping city was to guide the next planes Al Quieda send in…

    No brycey – I’m no snob. I live in pendlebury for a start! I just didn’t feel comfortable sometimes in the health centre.
    People openly drinking spirits in a surgery is a bit mad. Saw some bad violence in there on two occasions also.


    I think they have tightened up security a bit of late, although I’ve never seen any trouble. Ironically they are supposed to be moving to the new site accross the road, don’t know if it was effected by the fire or not.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Our guys were constantly threatened by kids when we were working in Ordsall.

    It really is a grim place.


    a resident of Salford



    Some hobby! I wonder if it will catch on 😯

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Good job they put that out before it spread across the whole of Ordsall or there could have been damage running into the tens of pounds.


    Who’ll be laughing then eh? Eh?!!

    I don’t know Binners, I just don’t know, I’m too frightened by it all. 😳

    Love the comentary on the vid: ‘Things like this don’t happen in Cornwall‘. 😆

    Oh, and the ‘can you get me some trousers‘ thing was amusing too.

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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