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  • The Games Changers – Netflix
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    Have we done this one yet? its certainly getting a lot of coverage.

    Anyone else seen it and considering trying vegan or at least vegetarian for a bit?

    also appreciate some of the science is getting debunked somewhat:

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    The Game Changers….

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    Watched it a while back, and have decided to give it a go.
    Need to shift a fair bit of weight too, so not exactly high level sportsman looking for performance gains.
    Not eaten meat for 8 days now, and I don’t know if it’s psychological or not, but I’m feeling a lot better for it. My bowel habits have been all over the place previously , but have settled down and are regular and consistent now.
    Its been interesting trying the alternative “processed” foods too. I’m not one for eating plates of vegetables. So far the only one that tastes like the “meat version” are hotdog sausages. Probably says more about the “real ones” than anything. A lot of it lacks any real texture.
    I thought I might struggle when eating out, but so far has been good. It’s handy that the wife is vegetarian anyway.
    Oh and Alpro chocolate milk has been a revelation

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    The link between going vegetarian and ‘going harder for longer’certainly raised an eyebrow but there was a scientist in the room so must be true. I’ve gone meat free for two months now but must say haven’t noticed any nature’s Viagra.

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    I’m giving it a go, will read up on the science somewhat more but I thought it was excellent. Purely doing it from a health point of view – less inflammatory and less plaque in arteries sounds a winner. First day since forever where I’ve not had meat once in a day. Veggie lunch and dinner, Quorn mince is awesome and i love meat mince.

    Having my cholesterol checked on Wednesday to get a baseline, also interesting to see if I lose any weight.

    Now that I’m conscious of it i didn’t get the typical post lunch and dinner “I could go for a nap” feeling . Could be psychosomatic ofc !

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    also appreciate some of the science is getting debunked somewhat:

    hmmm, he seems to agree with most of the claims in the film, criticising it somewhat for using anecdote and meat substitute product, but praising the film for it’s overall message.

    Overall he calls the movie “well done, with a good message”

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