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  • The elderly parent Christmas present idea thread
  • Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    I can’t be the only one with elderly father, who lives in small flat and has everything he wants…
    There’s only so many interesting books or M&S jumpers I can stand buying him.
    Suggestions please.

    Premier Icon andy4d
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    Oh how I share your problem. Just been asking my own dad if there was anything he wanted. Nope. I really enjoy being able to get him nice things but as you said he has everything he wants and I hate buying things that will never be used by someone. Last year I got him a new electric razor and a Scottish history book. He said he fancied a new bedside clock this year so at least I have a starting point…… following with interest

    Premier Icon mrb123
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    Make him up a hamper of quality local produce. Cheeses, preserves, chocolates, some nice ale if he drinks,

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    Jigsaws for my dad.
    Books on hobbies
    Books on old jobs/careers

    Premier Icon andylaightscat
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    How elderly?
    Mum and Dad from 65 on got food, drink, tickets to see stuff (when we’re allowed to again) taken out to do something they were interested in. Stopped buying them stuff and got them/us things to do

    Premier Icon Drac
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    Covid vaccine.

    On a serious note we usually make up a little food hamper for my parents.

    Premier Icon crikey
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    Videos of you and your family doing random stuff.
    Just a few minutes a day, stick ’em all together and give him/her/them something to sit down and watch.

    Premier Icon Phil_H
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    I get my parents a food hamper. As above, they don’t need any stuff that will just get stuffed in a cupboard.
    Or gin, my dad likes gin😃

    Premier Icon iainc
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    I’m 54 and this would be my ideal Christmas pressie:

    hamper of quality local produce. Cheeses, preserves, chocolates, some nice ale if he drinks,

    Premier Icon blokeuptheroad
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    My dad asks for a band saw blade or an Axminster tool/Screwfix voucher every year! 😄

    This year we are going homemade. A couple of watercolour and ink drawings my wife did, a homemade Christmas wreath (wife), some homemade jam (wife), a chilli plant we’ve grown (well the wife did) in a hand painted pot. I painted the pot ☺️

    Premier Icon joshvegas
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    Everyone is getting one of these from me this year.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    I’m looking up some nice marmalade sets.

    We’ve done hampers last year, rather challenging to do it this year with the local farm shop closed due to the Scottish lockdown…

    Premier Icon bear-uk
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    My son asked me if I wanted a ventilator for christmas! Something to look forward to I suppose. And stop saying 65 is old or I will bash you with my pension book.

    Premier Icon corroded
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    The best present we’ve got my Dad in recent years has been a Spitfire flight. Not sure if there’s anything like that up in Scotland. But generally, at his age, experiences are best. Mum always gets gardening gloves.

    Premier Icon eskay
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    The local historical society have just published a book about the village that my parents live in, dad is getting a copy for Christmas!

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
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    Paint / draw / write him something.

    It will come directly from you.

    Have a look at some of what I do and if you want to know how to do it please just message me.

    Premier Icon breninbeener
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    When i asked my 84 yr old father what he would like, he told me he wanted a gas blowtorch!
    Lord only knows what he has planned for that. I may investigate those lovely sounding marmalades instead.

    Premier Icon dogbone
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    Japanese pull saw.

    My dad loves his.

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
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    Pull poppers that explode streamers.

    If he has a bag of them by his chair and randomly surprises he can make any child smile from 4 – 40

    Premier Icon zeesaffa
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    I didn’t know what a Japanese pull saw is… I do now… and now I want one!

    Premier Icon bigyim
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    Some sort of experience that he would like. I got my dad a bird of prey experience
    There is loads of different things he might enjoy

    Premier Icon intheborders
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    Buy them a PC.

    That way you’ll get loads of quality phone time with your Dad thru the year 😉

    Premier Icon trumpton
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    Does he like animals? Maybe sign up to adapt an animal, such as a nice little DOnkey at the sanctuary.

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