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  • The Edinburgh Festivals thread- recommends and unrecommends
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    Just kicked off my festival last night with a brilliant wee circus show called Transit, by Flip Fabrique- I saw their show Attrape Moi (they’re french canadians) last year and loved it, Transit is more of the same but a wee bit smarter and a bit more focused

    You know how with a lot of these circus shows you can tell that the cast were all abducted at 5 years old and sent to circus slave camp, and they can do the impossible with robot precision but they’ve all got dead eyes? Flip Fabrique aren’t as good as those guys, but they love it and it shows. It’s got some knockout moments, it had a few screwups, a few bits that didn’t really work but all in all I left the place bouncing. If you’re fed up of circus, go and see it, if you love circus go and see it, even if you don’t care about circus maybe go and see it, it’s ace.

    On my way home from the fringe.

    The Amazing Bubble Man this morning. Brilliant for the kids, ok for the grown ups.

    Snap! after lunch. Japanese comedy magic thing that everyone enjoyed.

    The Jurassic Parks this evening. One of the best things I’ve seen in a theatre. Engaging, hilarious and clever. Very much recommended. Linky


    I’m going to see the Trainspotting one in the EICC this week, will report back but heard it’s quite good. Also Jimoein as well.


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    No Miracles Here Tale about a lad going to a Northern Soul dance marathon.
    Well acted by some very talented musicians and a great wee story .


    Andrew Maxwell – Showtime.

    He’s a bit of a pro. Highly recommended.


    Oh and we did the 5.30 cabaret showcase at The New Town Theatre Grand Hall.
    As the line up changes,this might be a bit hit or miss, but I got to undress an Australian transvestite.
    Result 🙂


    ^ 5:30am or pm. If Pm then congratulations, that’s well done !

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    Further recommendations

    Based on last year i would wholeheartedly recommend Alice Marshall.

    Best thing I saw the whole weekend and I only saw it by chance.

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    I was lucky enough to attend the dress rehearsal for Woman on Fire last week. It’s the story of Edith Rigby, the suffragette who torched Lord Leverhulme’s “bungalow” at Rivington Pike.

    Edith was the first woman in Preston to ride a bike, including cycling to Leicester and back.

    Culture isn’t my thing, it was only the Rivi connection which attracted me. But the play was absolutely stunning, both funny and disturbing. Definitely worth seeing.


    binners – Member

    Further recommendations [quote]Meanwhile Bill McKay, a 55-year-old Edinburgh resident, said: “I’ve had 40 years of arrogant teenagers rewriting Shakespeare, ‘political jugglers’ and comedians calling their show ‘Cheese Badger’.

    “At my local we’ve cleared a space in the cellar so if one of them wanders in accidentally we open the hatch, chuck them down the steps and leave them to the pit bulls.”

    He added: “It’s called A Million Tears for Rosalita, venue 65, £7.50 at the door, £6 concessions.”[/quote] 😆

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    Through in a couple of weeks. Only got tickets for Michael Redmond at the moment but will get some other stuff planned once reviews are out

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    I’ve never been to the festival, but we’re up in Peebles next week – is it worth nipping into Edinburgh for the evening to sample the festival vibe? Or would it be pointless without tickets for [no-doubt-long-ago-sold-out] shows? Traffic and parking nightmare?


    Yeah I would definitely recommend getting amongst it, even for a evening of just wandering around.

    Not going this year, but I’d be seeing John Robins – saw it in preview – brilliant.

    I’d also hunt down
    Geins Family Gift shop
    Fern Brady
    Alice Fraser

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    We saw Slapstick at George Square Theatre. Really funny, great musicians.


    Took out 10 year olds on Thursday for some previews
    Showstoppers for kids
    Card Ninja
    Milton Jones

    Then Friday
    Shakespeare for breakfast
    Oxford Imp
    Dads Army radio hour

    Kids and adults all had a great time so much so grandad got taken to dads army again today, different shows on alternate days. Grandad didn’t believe the show could live up to our hype, he said it was better so much so he wants to see the other show.

    Is Daniel Kitson on? If so go see him

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