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    So one postive immigration story is now bias? HAH!

    I lived in Wisbech between the ages of twelve and eighteen. I can assure you the people they picked were a fair and even cross section of the society there.
    It's really horrid place full of pig ignorant inbreds, the school was so bad ofstead closed it (I wrote them a letter saying "what took you so long?").
    The curry house they showed is nice and used to give my Dad loads of freebies as he was a regular customer though.
    On balance I agree that it was hardly a fair bit of journalism going to a deprived area and using it to represent Britain as a whole.


    It was interesting, but I think it started with a point of view and then set out to prove it. That's what TV does. There are plenty of Brits who want to work but I've met loads of wasters as well, its why I've stayed as a one man band. The eastern bloc people we see are the ones with the get up and go to travel for work. OK so they don't have the social security safety net we do, but there are lazy ones. We had one working at our house, he got stuck back on the bus home pretty soon.

    BTW is it just me or was it presented by a meerkat?


    HoratioHufnagel – Member
    completely biased!!

    i did lots of unskilled temping and summer jobs in my student days, e.g. washing up in a kitchen canteen (13 hours a day!!) or putting stuff in envelopes and filing all day and i saw none of this laziness depicted on the beeb!

    Seem to be comparing the worst of our society with people who are genuinely trying to better themselves from other countries.

    i bet theres the same distribution of idiots in every country

    yep well said!
    horses for courses..loads of hard working brits without jobs at the mo,recession.

    The problem is most of the immigrants are itellegent hardworkers and sadly the long term unemplyed often are not that. The problem, if there is one seems to me to be that if you have qualifications from the UK you are not given manual jobs as your over qualified even though the polish etc are over qualified for the jobs.

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    Well i've just been given a job even though the interviewer was concerned i was 'over-qualified' for it.
    Still not great money but better than £64.30 a week.


    As somebody who is married into a farming community,none of you would be eating chips if it was not for the Eastern European workers.More power to their arms.Horatio summed the wider argument up well,but I will add another point.I am a teacher,if you swear at me in school,you will get a telling off from a depute.If you swear at an employer…It makes me sound older than my 41 years,but we are leaving the "bottom" woefully unprepared for the workplace.

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