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  • Mounty_73

    I had to take my sisters german shepherd into the vets last night, it was all a bit sudden and she was very ill, sadly she was put to sleep 🙁

    I stepped in thinking I was made of strong stuff as my sister was really struggling, I was wrong it was one the hardest things I have had to do for a very very long time.

    We buried her this morning in my parents garden, absolutely heartbreaking and its really knocked me off my feet!

    Just feeling sh*t 🙁

    Premier Icon annebr

    🙁 RIP doggy


    Sorry to hear that.

    Our cat died suddenly and I’d always joked with my OH that she was a stupid moggy (the cat, not my OH) and that I wouldn’t miss her if she wasn’t around…..
    But, she had to be rushed to the vet while I was at work and ended up being put to sleep.
    My OH was in bits when I got home and it really knocked me for 6 too. I felt terrible that I wasn’t around and my OH had to deal with the situation on her own and make the decision to have her put to sleep.

    Just the other day I was tidying some documents and came across her vet vaccination card, which was a real suprise. Had to choke back the tears. Keep finding random pics of her too.


    Have had to have 2 of our cats put to sleep on separate occassions ,most heart breaking thing I have had to do.
    Thought I’d be fine but nearly broke down(wimp that I am)
    Both are buried in adjoining plots in the back garden.
    Closest I have come emotionally to this is watching that Will Smith film where him and his son have to rough it in some public bogs.


    we went trough the same 3-4 weeks ago and I was the same as you and found it quite hard and miss the spiky bugger, the vets had a very simular cat dumped on them a week later who is now curled up in our house and is ace . I used to hate cats but now love them……. wanders of to find him

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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