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    Been doing this commute for a while and thought I would film some of it (couldn’t get it all on the memory card) and edit it into something that is hopefully entertaining.

    Hope you enjoy it

    The Daily Commute


    I like it mate. I’m lucky if I see another cyclist on my commute into Brum…


    blimey, i dont envy your commute each day although i liked the constant jostling for position with other riders.

    I dont have anything like that amount of traffic on my commute but then again i dont work or live in the centre of any town. Outskirts of Nottingham to outskirts of Derby centre via B road or river path if the weather’s been dry.

    Nice to see car drivers crossing solid white lines to overtake you!

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    18 miles in that traffic? rather you then me….!


    Looks fun. What camera did you use?


    thanks for the comments. the traffic is actually quieter than normal as it’s half-term week. I still need to shoot some more footage to get the end section from elephant and Castle out to Canary Wharf so I might save that until next week to give you a scare!

    Camera is a Canon Powershot A550 on movie mode. A bargain at £80 from Amazon. the original footage is much higher res, i just uploaded a smallish version.

    I used a front light mount thingy to position it on my stem


    Great video, I think I would cut the garage opening and contents clip out though.

    You never know who is watching and those garage doors don’t offer much protection 😉


    Nice work. It certainly puts my 2 mile commute along a canal path in Edinburgh into perspective. Not sure if I’ll be brave enough to watch the final section to Canary Wharf.

    Please can you give more detail on the mount?


    Thanks for sharing. This is the 2nd commute vid I’ve seen on here and I really enjoy them for some reason. I’d been interested in doing one myself but never considered using the PowerShot I have right infront of me. The movie mode is surprisingly good. Mount details would be very interesting. Also does anyone know GB/hour for storage?


    Nice video MTB-Idle, but I’d be heading in the other direction from Ewell/Epsom and into the Surrey Hills with some knobbly tyres 😉

    Like you I have the misfortune of owning a Vauxhall Zafira but prefer to commute on two wheels. Here’s my commute video done last summer with a small Pentax digital camera fixed to my helmet and the handlebars.


    ML/Surfr, camera mount is pictured below, it’s really very simple:

    – bolt to fit into standard tripod mount on bottom of camera
    – push this through any old light mount you have
    – I used one metal washer and a thick plastic washer to allow me to tighten it up satisfactorily
    – mount on stem

    It’s not perfect but that’s down to the camera rather than the mount. Because the tripod mount is on the far right of the camera any movement gets magnified hence the shaky videoing in some sections. I reduced this by putting a few elastic bands stretching round the oppostie side of the camera and the back of the stem to reduce the ‘bounce’ and seemed to work ok!

    Carabiner (sp?) clips onto the brake cable to save the camera falling to the floor in case the mount fails for any reason.

    Surfr, I had a 2GB card and it took circa 16 mins of footage

    Slugwash, don’t worry, I spend plenty of time heading in the other direction but I gotta go to work sometimes to earn some money! Nice commute you have too…


    aah 😉 reminds me of my commute from kingston upon thames to islington…

    the mad traffic and flying through stationary traffic 😉

    great video!


    Awesome! I’m toying with the idea of commuting into London, about 10 miles each way. I think this puts me of though, I think I’d be a nervous wreck 🙂

    BTW I like 6:43, close to bumping into some road works 😛


    Great vid. Commuting videos are always fun to watch.

    Ow ok then, here is mine 🙄


    Great video, I think I would cut the garage opening and contents clip out though.

    You never know who is watching and those garage doors don’t offer much protection

    What he said. Wouldn’t take a criminal mastermind to work out exactly where you live and what you’ve got in your garage.

    I keep meaning to do this for my commute – complete contrast to yours on the Sussex side – all country lanes and wildlife (get to do the city stuff when I get into London Bridge on the train). Going to have to wait for it to get lighter in the mornings though – not sure how much the camera would pick up in the current morning murk now the clocks have changed.

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