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  • mr plow

    Not as good imo. The trail is more open and has a lot less features and turns from what I remember. It is over pretty quick.


    Took the bike up Ben Lomond on Sunday and now were talking about doing The Cobbler next. How does it compare to Ben Lomond


    Top bit not rideable at all- its a big Craig with a scree chute.


    I reckon the Cobbler would be doable by descending via the south summit. I ran it the other week and remember thinking that only the first 100m of vertical would need to be down climbed and then the rest would be ridable. Problem is, getting up there isn’t exactly a straightforward walk, never mind with a bike, so the effort probably isn’t worth it.

    I’ve had a notion to ride Narnain for a while…


    Its great fun on the bike up there though normally only take the bike to the bottom of the steps up the Cobbler itself. You do have to stop for a few of the stream crossings and make sure you are committed on the water bars but its fast and definitely worth doing.

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    Peterfile:Is that descending down the track below the west face or down the south ridge from the South Summit; if the latter, that would be more than mental!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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