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  • The cheap Crank Bros pedals on CRC
  • Can't go wrong can i? surely they all have a 1 yr warranty so if they go tits up, send em back to 2pure job done?


    Nope. Your warranty is with CRC. They are OEM so 2pure have no obligation to help you. They can only be expected to help you with stock bought through them.

    They are top guys though so you may find they help you. It would be unfair to ask them though seeing as the Candys have more than likely not come from them.


    i bought some egg beaters a while back and they werte oem. not boxed.

    they sure are cheap at that price i wouldnt worry to much.


    Yep, mine came in a bag not a box but I'm not bothered for that money.


    Not ridden mine yet but they look fine. 2nd pair of OEM Crank Bros I've bought and the others are going strong after 2.5 years.


    Look at it as buying cleats and getting the pedals for £3.00. Might do that myself.


    ill buy the pedals off someone if there just wanting the cleats?

    nice one for the heads up, been thinking of trying some of these for a while, £20 all in is an absoulte steal!!! cheers again!

    just to re-iterate they do come with cleats ill need to put in my shoes im guessing? i have shimano pedals/cleats at the mo so im guessing ill need to change? still cant over them being £20 thats awesome!


    Do not use the cleat bolts that come with the cleats – too shallow, too soft and so rounding-off prone it's almost a given you'll do it unless you remove and regrease the bolts every couple of rides.

    Nice pedals but bearing life and cleat life – not to mention not be able to swap bikes with most people – meant I swapped back to 'manos aftera year…

    The cheap MXR ones don't last and aren't serviceable like the pricier Crank Bros models which also have a 2yr warranty as opposed to 1yr.

    They are a bargain at £20 though esp as the cleats alone are quite a bit.

    Hopefully they'll break before the 12 months is up. Mine broke just after 🙁

    Also, the finish rusts within about an hour of getting wet so lube them immediately after every ride.


    Normal Candys come with 2yr warranty.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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