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  • The cheap Chinese (Rear) light thread
  • I’ve the origial magicshine one.

    + silly bright
    + un-angled seapost bracket means the main beam illuminates a big patch of road behind and the periferal LED’s are as bright as a normal light pointing back and to the sides.
    + works off 8.4V batteries (i.e. magicshine, solarstorm et. al. with the appropriate addapter or spliter cable)

    -I’d rather the switch just clicked between modes, however far you turn it just changes one mode, why not just have 3-4 clicks (off, pulse, strobe, on)?
    -‘switch’ seems a little un-sensative this year after 2 years of abuse. Might take it appart for a clean with some contact cleaner.
    -like anything seapost mounted it’s obscured by saddle bags, might get a Triathlon style headtube bag to get arround this.

    How waterproof is it?

    Ok I’m bored now with the plethora of Solarstorm threads 😉 What’s flavour of the month with rear lights?


    i’d be interested to know if anyone has experience of rechargeable (pref usb) front “city” be-seen lights from DX and similar too..

    It’s in it’s 3rd (actualy maybe 4th?) year attached to my seatpost. So 4 years of drizzle and rear wheel splash-proof. There’s no obvious way for water to get into it, .

    Appart from the switch being a bit irritating to turn on it’s been pretty faultess. If it breaks I’ll buy another and just splice it into whatever battery/wiring I’ve got in the future (assuming 8.4V stays fairly standard).


    Theblackmount, Wiggle sold those lights for a while, they were OK, but the mud got in and the push action soon stopped them working properly. They were cheap though.

    Better are the Leyzine versions. I got mine free with a subscription 😉



    Got a ‘free’ rear light with my solarstorm… It’s red, takes batteries and either provides constant light or flashing in various different configurations. It will probably explode and kill me shortly, but so far it seems to the providing-red-light thing as well as I need it to.


    Has anyone tried gluing a piece of car/motorcycle rear light lens over a front light for a decent rear light?
    Just musing.

    That Lezyne unit looks very nice. Seen mixed reviews on Exposures effort.

    The candb seen unit is definitely a get your tanks off my lawn statement 😉


    Can anyone tell me if the rear lights that are fitted with the ‘o’ ring type bracket (like this exposure flare)

    are any good for mountain bike night-riding? The club I ride with insist on red, rear lights for night riding and I’d like one I can just whip on or off but unsure if the brackets will last on the trail, in the wet, mud etc?

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    Rubber bands are surprisingly good at holding lights on :mrgreen:


    Cateye Rapid1. USB rechargeable, proper mounting system for seatpost, rack or saddle rails. Now only £15. But two and extra mounts for other bikes.

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