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  • The Camel and the Christmas Tree
  • oliverd1981
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    Insprired by the disparate elements found on certain Christmas cards I’m writing a new Christmas son (Carol?) to help explain that the nativity and the modern fesive celebration aren’t the same thing. I’m happy if you want to help. (but i’m retaing the rights!) If you have a group of children to sing it and put it on youtube even better.

    The Caaaaaamel and the Christmas tree
    mean very different things to me
    The camel comes from Jerusalem
    but the spruce is really Norwegian

    They didn’t have the smell of pine
    in the deserts of old Palestine
    I don’t know how happy I would be
    dashing through the snow, on a dromedary

    The gifts from very long ago
    weren’t wrapped in paper and a bow
    the old time folk of the middle east
    wouldn’t have a turkey for their feast

    The Camel and the Christmas tree
    don’t have compatibility
    The camel cant help pull a sleigh
    with a sad hot reindeer in the way

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    A sled ride wouldn’t bring much glee
    on the rocky roads of Galilee

    The camel and the Christmas tree
    basic inconsistency
    mulitcoloured fairy lights
    aren’t like the stars on Christmas night
    When they sang about the manger bare
    they meant there were no baubles there

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    King Herod and all his minions
    were olive skinned Palestinians

    They sought a white skinned, blue eyed baby
    D’you think they all were racists, maybe?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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