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  • The Bike You Wish You Still Had
  • Went through all the bikes I have owned a while ago – – and a recent discussion on BMX commuting made me wish I still had my old paper round BMX.

    This got me thinking, of the bikes you have owned (not wanted to own but actually have owned) which ones do you wish you still had?

    Mine would be the Raleigh BMX – heavy and a pain to get going but so much fun or my granddad’s vintage Raleigh that my parents skipped it while I was at uni (very sad day).

    Be interested to see which are the ones that got away for others.

    My rohloff salsa el mariachi 🙁

    Ducati Monster 2002, matt black with race kit. Best motorcycle I ever owned. I bought another Monster in a few years later after a short break from bikes, Completely different in feel and handling.

    Santa Cruz Bullit 1999, lime green. My first full sus got nicked in 2006.


    I wish I still had my PRST-4, yes it was ugly, but I just liked the way it rode.


    Premier Icon Northwind

    My Soul… But I replaced it for good reasons, I keep spotting ones like it on ebay but it wouldn’t be my one, that taught me to ride.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’d like to have another go on my old Saracen Ariel with a Marz 55.

    Wouldn’t actually want it back though, it was way too heavy for the riding I do. Just like to do some of the local downhills on it and see how it measured up on Strava.


    I’m lucky really, I stripped my karate monkey and moved all the bits to my full sus. I really missed the monkey for the 8 months that the frame was hung up in the garage, then eventually put up for sale.

    The lucky bit is I saved it at the last min just before finalising the sale, and decided to keep it, so I still have it! It’s now built up as a SS. 🙂

    Other than that I guess second place goes to a Spesh Hard Rock that I built up with rigid forks, slicks, guards and a rack for the daily commute. Did a good 4 years of commuting on it before it got nicked. 🙁


    Stolen a couple of weeks ago 🙁


    No specific bike I want again. I’ve got rid of most for good reasons, or I know how much things have moved on since. I would like another nice XC-ish SS though. Ran an old Kona (still doing commuting duties) and a Inbred as SS for many years and miss the direct simplicity and the challenge of it. A new one would probably be a 29er this time.

    I miss my Commencal Super 4. It was as quick as ive been in my local trail centre…..


    I probably wouldn’t be riding it, but my STS Lobo…

    I so wish they’d redo it with a trail/AM twist

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    It was absolutely great singlespeed. I can’t really remember what led me to stop using it other than newer, shinier stuff.


    non really. I still want to try out as many bikes as possible.
    why have toast for breakfast for the rest of your life…….. 😀

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    My Horsethief is probably the best bike I’ve had and indeed still have it. But I did have a rather lovely Redline BMX years ago, mistakenly gave it to my nephew when I got too old for BMX, he trashed it and launched it into a boating pond 🙁 I dearly wish I’d just stuck it up the loft.


    My 1995 LTS bought s/h from Stif Cycles in 1996 (ex-Dave Hemming race bike). I fitted Lawwill Leader 3 forks on it and it became my dream bike until decent disc brakes came along in about 2002…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Oh aye, I always say my old tange hot heart bmx- ex scotia bmx from the chris hoy days, it was a lovely bike anyway but I could tell everyone it was his (despite having no idea if it was)

    Premier Icon lunge

    Planet-X Jack Flash, when it was built up with 100mm forks, v-brakes, single ring and wiiiidddeee bars. It rode like a BMX but a bit more forgiving and a bit easier to pedal. It was great fun that bike was, I spoiled it with big forks, heavy wheels and big brakes.

    I sold it in the end, I should have just rebuilt it.

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    My lovely Orange O2 Evo Ltd edition. Not that it was a great bike or anything, just we had such good times together and I so regret selling it (at mates / club rates), to a guy who painted it black and turned it into a commuter. What a horrible end for a nice MTB.

    I think a few years later the same guy got banned from here for making sectarian comments. Ruined my lovely bike and was a weegie bell end at the same time. I’ve never sold a bike since to be honest. All my old frames are hanging up on the garage wall now.

    Sorry ‘McCoy’, you were a great wee hardtail and I’d have you back in an instant if I could. 😥


    the first proper bike i had was a Puch Invader BMX. i was 9 when i got it and i kept it until i was in my early 20’s when i foolishly sold it. it was the last bike that my dad ever bought me, and now 11 years after he passed away…i really regret selling it.
    i do miss other bikes that i’ve also owned but none come close to the Invader.

    was similar to this bike but had a bright yellow frame and matching skyway mags


    My old 5 Spot. Great bike that. Won’t be a patch on what I have now, but be good for shits and giggles.


    I oddly miss my old Santa Cruz Superlight. V-brakes and all. Was a great bike.


    The only one I wish I still had was a Marin Nail Trail

    Not because I liked it that much, more that I had it for years and it was sorted with XT and DX and Ringle and Syncros and SDG and Mavic and Michelin.

    Sold it to a friend of a friend who used it as a commuter bike 😯 then got it stolen. Sad end to such a fine machine.


    My Raleigh Chipper that my Dad and I “customised” with a red and gold hand painted colour scheme.

    More recently a Salsa El Mariachi SS LE that was just the definition of fun! Really loved it but sold during job, divorce, housing turmoil. I’ve replaced it now with a Singular Gryphon running full SS niche and it’s lovely but not quite as zingy!?

    Premier Icon shredder

    My Torker 280X
    [/url]3 by rlockwood64, on Flickr[/img]
    [/url]6 by rlockwood64, on Flickr[/img]

    Premier Icon neil the wheel

    At the moment, any bike…

    Premier Icon nickc

    I had a SS inbred that had a rear disc mount brazed on and was painted in Actual Ferrari Rosso as a mate runs a race car spray shop, and when I went in, he was repairing the front end of a 308, I got half price 🙂

    It had all sorts spares-box finery on it, including a King Headset, pretty trick RS Rebas and wot not.

    All built up just as I was beginning to fall out of love with SS-ing…Shame, it was a lovely bike

    Premier Icon nemesis

    My Rocky Mountain Element – bought the frame on here for £100, it was too small and a simple design but I just loved it – the most fun and confidence inspiring ride. I was gutted when the rear dropout snapped 🙁

    Premier Icon njee20

    My 2007 S-Works Epic, replaced it with a 2008 one, and then a 2009 one, but neither were as good as the original one.

    Perhaps because I was also at my fastest on that. I apologise now for the bar end angle!

    Was thinking this a short while back. My 2001 F500. Just bought an identical one. Just got it fixed up today! Good times.

    I miss my Brodie Holeshot, but it was sold for good reasons.

    [url=]Top of the climb before Jacob's Ladder[/url] by NeilCain, on Flickr

    Premier Icon P20

    I had a Mk1 Cannondale Raven. I loved it. Sold it for something that could take discs.

    [url=]Windy Raven[/url] by ritcheyp20, on Flickr

    Then many years later I got the chance of another Mk1 Raven, but in the colour I always wanted, Chromalusion Purpleen.

    [url=]Shadow[/url] by ritcheyp20, on Flickr

    To be honest, it was a perfectly usable bike, but didn’t offer anything over my modern bikes. It worked, was ok to ride, but didn’t inspire me. So it was sold.

    The one I miss now is my old Bonty. Really nice to ride. Sold it for a dedicated SS frame which didn’t ride anywhere near as well.

    [url=]114[/url] by ritcheyp20, on Flickr


    I’d give my left testie to get this back

    my Anthem, if only it doesn’t plan to murder me everytime i take it for a ride.. god knows how many amount of blood I spilt riding that bike..

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    My old Malcolm Smith Racing.
    Not my actual bike as I was more interested in riding than taking pictures back then.

    Replaced it with an Alpinestars which was shite.

    Also miss my first generation Klien.
    One of the first in the UK at the time.
    I remember turning up late to a race in llanwrtyd and missing the start.
    One of the team Raleigh lads had done the same thing and we got chatting.
    He asked for a go on the Klien and didn’t want to give it back.
    The team bike he was on was awful. I remember he’d drilled a hole through the seatpost and seat tube to route the rear brake cable. 😯


    Miss this one!

    Premier Icon Kuco

    Not my pic but similar build. Cannonade Prophet MX. Never worked out why I did sell it.

    Premier Icon slackboy

    I wish I still had this, 89 specialized stumpjumper

    Unfortunately some **** nicked it from the garage a week after my dad bought it for me.

    replaced with this, which was quite nice til that got nicked as well

    Sold this on here some 3 yrs back – wish I still had it only in 18″ Wish I had kept the Indie XC saddle too. Fitted like a glove and now can’t find one. Gravy – if you by any chance have that seat knocking about spare I have cash waiting!

    Mk. 1 Cotic Soul.

    cracked through the weld vent hole on the drive side chainstay. I was a poor student so couldn’t afford to replace it and it had been second hand so I couldn’t chase warranty. Loved that frame so much.

    Here’s it pictured built up like a tank.

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