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  • THE Bike you most regret selling?
  • My Singular Swift , silly mistake. 🙁

    My first 29er, loved riding it, looked awesome. Contemplating buying another 🙂


    This Kona Howler –

    Trail Centre Razzer by Rick T., on Flickr

    Sold it a couple of years ago and have missed it ever since, so recently bought another. This one, in fact –

    IMAG0524 by Rick T., on Flickr


    Reading this thread has definitely helped me NOT become a member of the ‘Regret Club’. I WAS pondering the idea of selling 3 bikes I have stashed in the loft:
    Pace RC200 F7 (Red anodised, with lots of matching Hope and Middleburn parts
    Bontrager Race-Lite (XT, Ti bars and stem)
    Diamond Back Axis TT (Ti frame with all period XT from 92?).

    I sort of regret flogging my Scott Spark, but I needed the cash at the time. Now replaced with a Giant Anthem, which is wonderful, for now….



    My Raleigh Chopper back in 1978, sold to for £10. It was passed down to me from my brother. So wish I still had it now.


    ’92 Cindercone

    F900SL with Magura rim brakes. Was too disabled/unfit to enjoy it at the time, also had an F600 and needed cash so parted ways, but it fitted perfectly and rode on rails, everything just worked nice, weighed not a lot either.


    My bright pink cove hustler…


    No regrets it gets ridden to death or becomes a man shed door stop or wall display!

    Premier Icon weeksy

    SPecialized HArdrock sport disk. Ddin’t pay much for it, did some work on it, sold it for silly low money… Should have kept it as a winter bike.


    Not actually sold it yet, but my 1994 Yamaha TYZ which is not being used. Will break my heart to see it go. I know it’s not an mtb but it’s one of my little family of off road two wheelers, and it will be sadly missed, but it’s almost a crime to keep it unused, sob. On the plus side, I feel the ” one out…. One in ” rule may apply too!

Viewing 10 posts - 91 through 100 (of 100 total)

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