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  • The best software for route mapping?
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    Lots of free online resources – bikehike, wheresthepath, walkhighlands etc etc. All give access to OS mapping, route drawing & editing and give elevation/distance etc.

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    I use (bought) Anquet mapping – who always seem to have some ‘special’ deal on.


    I use the viewranger website. Ridiculously easy to use.


    If I wanted to pre-plan a route to find out mileage/ elevation etc. and then to subsequently transfer to a Garmin – what’s the best software to do that? Garmin Connect or other?

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    +1 for bikehike
    Let’s you output to multiple different file formats including Garmin

    Just remember to toggle the ‘Follow Road (google map)’ when you’re plotting anything off road.

    I have all my routes saved in a dropbox folder which i share with my mates so they can open them in google earth or bikehike


    Oooh, excellent.

    About to route one for tomorrow.


    I just use the Garmin route creator. At Garmin Connect, click the ‘Plan’ tab, select ‘Course’, create a route, save it, then send to device. Very easy and no silly bugs.

    MapMyRide is popular too but the Garmin was tons easier for me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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