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  • the best curry you can have is…
  • odannyboy

    im a chicken dhansak man myself.sometimes a madras perhaps.

    and i also think that a sainsburys "taste the difference chicken jalfrezi" is prob the best supermarket one.try it,there tops!just a little PSA for you there.


    prawn biryani, sag aloo, peshwari naan.




    my local does a special called an afgahni Ghost (Afgan Goat), but its basically a lamb curry with chickpeas, we always get it madras spicy and its deeeeeeelicious!!!


    Chicken Hyderabadi – Pakistani cuisine at it's finest.

    Had a from scratch sweet n sour balti chicken tonight – probably one of the best flavoured curries I have had


    Pathia is my favorite, but a Handi Gosht is very good. M_F my pal did a Balti sauce from scratch, very nice, but he said never again, I think it took him a few days p1ss1ng about.

    the real thing made by your Indian auntie-in-law :o)

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    The good ol' Jalfrezi…

    Premier Icon montylikesbeer

    lamb karahi………………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Lamb boona. MMMMMMMM. In vast vast quantities, you can eat a good boona forever.


    Mmmmmmmmmmmm – a personal favorite.


    Try this…

    Will blow your mind.

    Premier Icon Mugboo

    Got to be fish karahi from the Punjab, Bradford.

    Thai Yellow Curry !!!!


    Thai, red, duck.

    Premier Icon Kato

    Chicken Tikka Dhansak

    1st class!


    Chicken Chili Masala. Like a chemical peel for the inside of your mouth. Bloody tasty though.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    i always used to have either a chicken chili massala, or a phal if i was feeling brave.

    but now ive discovered a f**kin goooooorgeous dish at the local that i have every time now. chicken shashlik karaii. nomnomnomnomnom.

    Premier Icon petefromearth

    Lamb Rezala – there's a good recipe in Rick's latest book

    The one thats on my hob now, that I made last night for tonight. We brung some spices back from Goa that simply involve mixing with tomatoes/yoghurt/coconut etc. We got about 5 different types but you can mix em & experiment. Everyone we've had up to now has been luurvely. (i always make them too hot for the missus then she can only eat a bit so there's more for me)


    Whichever one I decide to have in Rusholme at the end of of our annual Christmas Shopping Trip Crawl round Manchester today… 😀

    chicken jalfrezi from Jani's, Baildon

    supermarkets round here stock the Mumtaz range, which are genuine Bradford curries, (and naans, and samosas, etc), except they're from the supermarket; ALL supermarket own curries are like mildly spiced stews compared. My favourite is the Chicken Karahi.

    Mumtaz has a restaurant near Bradford Uni, and recently went into the packaged food business. Liz the German ate there recently. Funnily enough, while I lived round the corner from them back in the late 80s, I never once went to Mumtaz.


    Lots of nice choices there, i,m in the mood for one even now at 9.30 in the morning. Whoever put the curry pot noodle up, that's not funny. I love a madras myself and had Murgh chana once that was delicious, never seen it on a menu since or found a recipe for it. 😳

    Premier Icon Drac

    So many to choose from Asia food is the best, why the **** Italian food is rated so high is beyond me.

    My home made Kerala Pheasant

    Premier Icon jimmy

    A place in Chesterfield does a Shobuz Masala – Lots of green coriander and chillis in the sauce. I hve never seen it anywhere else and it is mega.

    For post-ride curry, Delta Curry House (Roseburn, Edinburgh) does a Katmandu MUrgh – Chicken tikka with lentils and just the right amount of chilli poke. Huge portions. Hmmmm makes me wanna ride just to stop off on the way back…


    Chicken Jalfrezi here too, generally enjoyed with a keema naan and a lamb tikka starter. Home town of Wolverhampton is fantastic for take away/eat in curry's. NW Germany = not good for curry's. I will definitely be partaking in some curry sampling when i'm back visiting Wolves in January though.


    Any curry, so long as it contains a decent amount of chili and a good blend of spices. Anything equal to, or above madras strength, but not quite as hot as a Phal. Thai green curry is great, but i think i prefer the Persian curries you get in your typical Indian restaurant – Tikka Dansak or Tikka Pathia. MMMMMMMM 😆


    Lamb Jalfrezzi with a plain naan and pilau rice (after some onion bhajis of course)

    Achari – lamb

    Curry Hell from the Rupali, Bigg Market, Newcastle 😀


    Chicken Dhansak from the Seesh Mahal in Twickenham, the best ever. Infact whenever I'm back that way I always go there..

    Kakra Buhna from the Ashoka in Chippenham, crabmeat at its best…..


    I used to love a nice Jalfrazi. Then Patak's built the largest curry factory in Europe about half a mile away from my house. Constant chilli smell anyone?

    Jalfrezi from Misfala takeaway on Grenville Street, Stockport. Out-fooking-standing!!!!!

    Premier Icon Drac

    Constant chilli smell anyone?



    Odannyboy …quite suprised at your choice cos I thought the "taste the difference "range were so poor at sainsbury's that I took them back and got a refund.
    we've tried most of the big supermarket curries and all have dissapointed except M&S . the quality /taste is so much better.
    having said that and spent a lot of throughout Asia , they are nothing like what people eat over there and are made to appeal to the european palate but with an exotic name.

    Premier Icon deus

    Anything from Rani's Golden Spice in Alva, Mmmmmmmmmmm all good.

    might get something from there this evening!

    Mmmmmmm curry

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