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  • The best and worst of 2012. What happened to you?
  • Marin

    Worst. Mother in laws cancer coming back with a vengeance. Uncle died on 22/12, not very close but he worked on Russian convoys in the war so got to respect him for that and the living hell he endured. Work very patchy so no big plans can be made.
    Best. Good times with Mrs Marin and friends. Becoming mates with my brother, only took us 40 years. Staying sober on New Years Eve and riding/pushing up Snowdon on New Years Morning to ride down in time for breakfast. Start as you mean to go on yeeehaaa!


    Best had an awesome wedding, marrying the perfect wife.
    Worst, ummm think I stubbed my toe in April….


    Quite upsetting reading some of the “worsts” on this thread. It is heartening to see how people can bounce back, no matter what life throws at them though. All the best to those that feel 2013 is a year to turn around from the shite that’s been thrown at them in 2012.


    Worst: Splitting from my partner of 5 years and my Mum dying about a month after that 😥

    Best: Realising that I have fabulous friends and that life really IS too short to waste it folks….


    Best – Belgian Biscuit 40th Invitational Tour. 12 of of biked around Flanders for a few days taking in some war and beer stuff. Top laugh. Daughter doing well at school.

    Worst – nothing to moan about compared to some, chin up folks.


    Worst: split from the girl of my dreams after going through a tough spell and suffering badly from depression. I basically f’ed up a great relationship.

    Best: got out of a crap job, got all my stuff out of storage and finally started living my life properly again.

    Seem like lots of single, singletrackworlders at the minute of both sexes – surely there’s agap in the market there?!?


    some of you have really been through it makes me humble
    worst for me throat cancer in january
    do not remember much january to july or of the poor summer you all had as i was on morphine 😀
    best coming back from it and 2 clear scans since 3rd fingers crossed in feb
    best of all getting back on the bike for the first ride in morzine should see the photos very little hair looking grey and seemed to drink a lot of coffee and eat cake mmmmm could hardly pedal to the lift stations but was still quick on the downs
    whether we like it or not the clock is ticking and we have to make the best of it… and buy more lotto tickets cos i do not like working anymore

    Premier Icon lowey


    Moving post mate.

    Last year was the year from hell. Lost borther, mum and wife (she left, didnt die) in the space of months… so this year was ok.

    Best.. March 11th. Ride Snowdon in conditions you only dream about with great mates… then meeting a blind date on the way home who turned out to be the girl of my dreams.

    Worst… Being a single dad with a long distance girlfriend and a job that means I’m out of the office nealry everyday has put paid to cycling. I’m 2 st heavier than I was this time last year.

    Pales into insignificance to the posts above.. keep strong people.


    best – son leaving school and finding a paid apprenticeship as an electrician / me graduating with a first in history.

    worst – nothing that qualifies in comparison with some of the hurt in this thread. truly humbling and i only hope that i can be as brave when fate comes knocking at my door.


    Worst-finding out about my wife’s affair (we’re working on it)

    Best-our girls both doing well and healthy.

    Hoping for a better year with my wife.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Best- got a new job with massive payrise
    Worst- boss turned out to be a headcase, leading to stress related illness

    Not too bad really, rather it hadn’t happened all round though!


    ****, I’m crying again. What awesome creatures we are sometimes.

    lowey, you get an extra tight hug despite your weight.


    Best – Daughter was born in May
    Wost – Gran died in October

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