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  • The best and worst of 2012. What happened to you?
  • Premier Icon LimboJimbo

    Worst. Son born without a heartbeat and bleeding on the brain, terrifying us for the first eight minutes. Most of March and April in hospitals with one complication and setback after another.

    Best. Watching the little fighter stubbornly prove Doctors wrong. He is now a small, but fighting fit 9 month old.

    Premier Icon CHB

    Other than the weather, cant really complain about 2012.
    Work dead busy in a good way.
    Family OK with kids blossoming at school.
    No health problems with nearest and dearest.

    Worst is probably self inflicted lack of effort to get out cycling, still think of myself as a cyclist, but time on the bike has been sporadic at best this year. Can blame combination of weather, work/college/kids, but the really reason is not siezing those 3-4 hours slots that we all have if we grab them.


    Worst: failing exam that I’d worked my backside off for with lits of stress and tears then trying to get active life back on track and not being able to due to being very anaemic (who knew having totally empty iron stores and only half the oxygen carrying capacity could have such a strong effect?!)

    Best: getting back on my bike in September with good friends in a beautiful location, running again, climbed 6b (even if the grades were soft I’m still claiming it), fantastic day out walking with the hubby in the lakes in October

    I realise that a lot of people have had a way crapper 2012 than I have and I hope that 2013 is a great year for everyone 🙂

    Premier Icon Kona TC

    Worst: my asthma flared up in late Jun, doctors discovered a dead spot in my lower r/h lung, it appears the lining of my lungs has thicken and about a 1/3 of one lung was full of fluid.

    Best: One Bronchoscopy later the doctors didn’t find anything that needed a biopsy

    Just waiting for the follow up appointment at the hospital 😀

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Best – being at the Paralympic stadium with my kids when Richard Whitehead won that amazing 200m – then bumping into him at Sainsburys a couple of weeks back!

    Worst – not much tbh, no crises, lucky year compared to many, but wrecking the second bottom bracket of the year commuting through hub deep flood water was annoying……


    best: reminded what good mates I have

    worst: being a suicidal stressed out mess and then watching an 18 year relationship fall apart.


    Worst: having money worries that made me puke up.

    Best: sorting those worries.

    limbojimbo – all the best to you and yours. Have a cigar and raise your glass to the fighter.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Best: a 45% pay rise. An actual overnight life changing event

    Worst: grandmother dying plus my mother in law being diagnosed with terminal cancer. I’d forego every penny of the best bit above to reverse either of those events


    Worst: being diagnosed barren.

    Best: Coming out with a stronger marriage/relationship because of it.

    Anyway, to 2013. 2012 can do one, just like 2011 did 🙁


    Have loved this year watching Ms Markie Jr growing up, two glasses of champagne in and can’t think of anything bad!

    Good luck to all for 2013.


    3 times sounds tough! I was 16 the last time that I had a year that was that barren!!

    Well it was 3 times as much as the previous 3 years combined, hence “best” and admittedly it pales into comparison with some other people’s problems, but it doesn’t do a lot for my state of mind.

    Premier Icon fluffy

    Best: getting promotion in a job I actually enjoy doing, working with a decent bunch of people

    Worst: my dad dying in August unexpectedly, just before the big family celebration we had planned for his 80th

    Premier Icon EdwardH

    Best was a cracking five week family holiday to the black forest, Swiss and French alps and racing the mega (even though I did crap in that)

    Worst; lost two big work contracts that would have seen me gainfully employed for a minimum of two years (I am self employed), getting back from one of the few work hitches I have had this year to discover the wife was having an affair. One I first found out about two years ago and she swore blind it was over and I foolishly forgave her. She is now forcing the sale of the house through the courts and threatening to move out of the country with the kids with her ******g yank boyfriend.
    I suspect the new year is going to involve a lot of solicitors fees.


    Worst A friend of my sister was refused from Queens Hospital in Romford
    for having Noro Virus this Christmas.
    Turned out she died of an extreme case of food poisoning at home
    the following day and leaves a family.


    Worst; having to choose to leave a job I loved as the company was struggling and was on a four day working week.

    Best 1; birth of my son. He is perfect.

    Best 2; getting another job immediately and on slightly better pay (although I do miss my old job).


    Best : well after an odd start it all went swimmingly well.
    Worst: didn’t see enough of my mates.


    BEST – losing 18lbs between jan and Sep.

    WORSE – Putting 10lbs back on Nov and Dec. 😥

    WTF is that all about. As of tomorrow the finger is getting removed.


    EdwardH: Stay strong mate. We’re here for you.

    All, happy new year.Let’s make 2013 an awesome year for us all.


    Best: Quit my well paid, relatively easy and massively secure job turning down promotion and role change to any job within the sector. And I did it with glee and a **** you attitude.

    Worst: see above.

    Premier Icon ton

    Worst, 4th failed heart procedure
    Best, lost 5.5 stone, got a safe cholesterol reading, no longer have painfull sore joints, can buy normal clothes off the peg, dont get out of breathe upsteps too easy, feel f e c k i n g awesome…… 8)

    Worst: losing my dad in July and also my best friends wife in December, both to cancer.

    Best 1: hearing my 15 month old daughter say ‘daddy’ for the first time.

    Best 2: seeing my mum pick herself up so soon after losing dad and go and work as a games maker at the Paralympics.

    Premier Icon dawson

    @ ton – good on ya! 8)

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    Best – Alfa 156 2.4JTD 5-pot (simple things, simple minds etc). Building LEGO with the no-tail and the boy.

    Worst – A creamy cream we tried to transfer in with too many oil droplets compared to a too tight specification. Gave me sleepless nights, but TBH, after reading what others have had to deal with, it all pales into MEH.


    Best – getting married to the girl of my dreams

    Worst – her dad passing 5 days after the wedding due to lung cancer and us not bring there, still brings a tear to my eye.

    Let’s hope 2013 improves, happy new year all

    Premier Icon sparksmcguff

    Best – a family holiday in the lakes with my daughters grandparents.

    Worst – their grandad (my dad) dying two months later completely unexpectedly. We dressed him in his tuxedo and he entered the crematorium to the James Bond theme!


    Best- I’m going to be a dad

    Worst- losing my dear mum suddenly…and the realisation that she will never see my child.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    EdwardH – vent on here, we’ll all listen. Good luck mate.

    To all those who lost loved ones this year i offer my condolences.


    I tell you what.

    I’ve had some seriously crappy years in my life. We lost 4 close family members one year. I lost my job and we struggled for years afterwards to cope with the debt we gathered. We’ve had a number of cancers in the family, we’ve had miscarriage after miscarriage. It goes on.

    This year has been good to us and reading what some people have been through this year makes me remember what that crap is like. Listen. It’s bad now and it probably seems like it will always be bad but trust me, it will get better. I’ve been there and I thought that. I’ve stood (physically) on a cliff, looked down and made a split second decision on whether to fall or not.

    It will get better.
    Keep going. You’ll look back and see how while painful, this stuff is just life. There’s so much more you can get from this. You’re an inspiration right now. Keep it up.

    Hugs and that. (And perhaps slightly tighter hugs for pretty ones)


    for all of us, no matter how good or bad 2012 was, may 2013 be better.

    Happy New Year all

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Emma that’s seriously bad news, glad you appear to have adjusted your life plan. Good luck in 2013.

    Best for me was realising I have some really good friends during my 50th party last month.
    Worst, daughter getting so stressed out last month she attempted suicide, we thought it was self harming. (Like that’s much better).


    Best : Got married on the jubilee weekend in a lovely country house

    Worst: Split up 5 months later 😐

    New year new start

    Premier Icon teethgrinder



    Best – Wife got pregnant (by me).

    Best – Work finally looks to have resolved itself – despite me making serious preparations for a career change.

    Worst – One of my best mates died – without notice. I REALLY miss him.

    All the best Devs, Matt & I are struggling x.


    Premier Icon PhilChap

    Best: Had a great day when we finally got married in May after quite a long engagement…

    Worst: A year from hell watching lung cancer take my Mum, work spiraling downwards and finally the day when it all hit home.

    Still here for 2013 and hoping that things will improve. I hope to find time to ride my bike again and catch up with friends. If this involves drinking beer then so be it 🙂

    Worst: my mrs died
    Best: I’ve survived thanks to the best friends in the world

    Humbling thread.


    Worst – realising my wife who seemed so sweet when we married in 2011 was in fact the worlds worst nag/deluded and making my life a complete misery and even had me arrested on trumped up assault charges. .

    Best – she left in October and I haven’t heard a word from her since.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Worst: Lost a very good, close friend to cancer and am trying to help her husband & young son rebuild their lives.

    Best: Nobby Jr’s tests on his dicky ticker have all shown no deterioration & he’s now been allowed to join a local U11 footy side.

    Here’s hoping everyone’s sh** disappears in 2013.


    I’ve had best and worst – but to be honest, compared to some people’s experiences this year my worst moments seem rather trivial.

    Hope everyone has a better 2013 – and hurrah for Nobby Jr 😀

    Best – Baby boy born March 10th, Thomas is a perfect!

    Worse – Best friend and riding buddy died in July, i’ve ridden about 3 times since.

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Had a tough split from girlfriend. Not ridden mtb in over a year through back problems, started smoking again were the lowlights.

    No real highs i can recall. Things will hopefully improve!

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