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  • The best and worst of 2012. What happened to you?
  • Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Worst. Got made redundant after nearly 20 years in the job.

    Best. Got another job on similar pay.

    Overall though I’ll be glad to see the back of 2012.

    Premier Icon Drac

    My Brother was diagnosed with Liver cancer.

    Mr Brother got a liver transplant.

    Premier Icon MSP

    Best – I actually managed to complete a half ironman (the Wiesbaden which is quite hilly by triathlon standards), having previously only entering 2 olympic triathlons earlier in the year, the first of which I didn’t even complete the swim. And weighing in at 120kg I was actually pretty proud of myself crossing the line.

    worst – suffering a self made financial meltdown towards the end of the year.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner


    Fingers crossed for the new year – best wishes to all.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Best was 3 week holiday in the Highlands to celebrate 10th wedding anniversary. Loved it and didn’t want it to end.
    Worst was losing the rest of the ‘summer’ to illness and injury. 7 weeks barely able to walk due to either labrynthitis or some sort of bleed in my brain (docs weren’t too sure what it was & labrynthitis diagnosis was more of a ‘probably fits’ affair) followed by crushing ankle at work leading to another 3 weeks off bike.

    Loosing 3 stone.

    Watching my daughter turn in to a teenager 2 years too early.


    Screw you 2012, be glad to see the back of you ya btch.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Best: None of it.
    Worst: All of it.

    Happy new year all.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Highlight for me was the Olympics, we had such a great time at so many events – whole atmosphere was just incredible.

    Worst was redundancies at work, even though I was OK, it is tough seeing your friends / colleagues laid off due to the financial miss-management of one idiotic CEO (thankfully now replaced).

    Neil F

    Bad – My brother (37) died in April.
    Good – Well, there’s always Hogmanay…… 😕


    Best: not getting made redundant / laid off
    Worst: dog and cat both died before time

    Best(2): 2 new cats to help replace loss.



    Worst: getting fired. (bastards!!)
    Best: 1 week in Croatia, walking the High Dales Way, uncle’s 90th party


    Worse: Diagnosed with a dodgy heart at the grand age of 31 (you have got to love genetics!)
    Best: Sticking two fingers up to the dodgy heart and started running half marathons….next year I’ll be running bremar to aviemore 😀


    Worst: Wife mis-carried for the second time and father got diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.
    Best: We’ve made it to 2013 (barring surviving tonight!) and that’s got to be better.

    Tom B

    Best: Bought a house, celebrated my first wedding anniversary.

    Worst: I’ve had large spells of being unhappy and have done hardly any riding.

    Roll on 2013.


    I got a job.

    I don’t like it.

    Could be a lot worse!

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Al, I got my ears flicked by The Mods for the vodka & revolver line.

    Don’t do ‘owt daft or I’ll get a ban 😉


    Tom B – Member

    Best: Bought a house, celebrated my first wedding anniversary.

    Worst: I’ve had large spells of being unhappy and have done hardly any riding.

    Roll on 2013.

    Very similar to mine (apart from the wedding anniversary – congrats!).


    Worst: Can’t think of anything major, it’s not been a bad year at all. Having a nasty ear problem during our holiday which very nearly ruined the whole thing is probablt the worst. Sounds quite trite really.

    Best: I learned how to draw. And am loving it.

    Premier Icon white101

    Best – my sisters wedding in May was a wonderful day
    Worst – my mam died yesterday on my sisters birthday, never felt so low in my life, really worried about my dad now and how he gets by.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Best: My son’s rugby and helping out with the coaching of the fantastic kids.

    Worst: Leaving my lovely home and not doing enough riding.

    Mary Hinge

    Best: I became a grandad for the first time 😀

    Worst: Some of the rest of it, but on reflection it’s probably not too bad.

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    This year’s observation:

    In life you meet good eggs and you meet bad eggs. Unfortunately bad eggs float.

    Premier Icon Schweiz

    Worst : had a stroke during a mtb race, aged 33. Lost a big chunk of my vision on the left hand side. Probably never be allowed to drive again.
    Best : stroke was caused by hole in heart which is now fixed. Feeling better than ever, fitter than ever. Switzerland has the best public transport system in the world!


    Worst: nothing – I had a great year.
    Best: all of it – I had a great year.

    Same as last year, so next year will probably be the same.

    (remind me of this smug post when it all goes wrong)

    crispy bacon

    Best – having 3 x more clear cancer check ups & my Mother in law coming home before Xmas 😀

    Worse – Mother in Law spending 3 x weeks in ICU with septicaemia on a ventilator & on dialysis 😥

    Worse 2 – the shite wet Summer we’ve had 😐


    Worst: Left a good company of 6 years as disagreed with my twunt of a boss and it was doing my head in badly.

    Best: Got made redundant from subsequent job after 5 months and found a new one 4 weeks later with a 50% pay rise from the first one and 3 months garden leave to ride my bike!

    Happy New Year to all.


    Worst – brother turned into a thieving coke addict and caused a lot of heart ache for the family.

    Best – I got back into mountain biking and loving it!


    best: had sex 3 times
    worst: had sex 3 times


    Worst: I’ve had large spells of being unhappy and have done hardly any riding.

    Also a lot of stress from various different things, and have been ill a few times.

    On the upside I finished my 2nd year at uni with decent-ish results, and have helped a cycling club/team transform itself into what is, in my eyes, one of the best clubs I’ve ever ridden with. I also met someone who has blown me away, which is, you know, nice.

    2013 could be the most amazing year ever.


    Worst: my mum dying on Jan 18th, after a truly miserable Christmas and New Year. Best? Dunno, haven’t seen any real highlights yet. Pass.

    Tom B

    3 times sounds tough! I was 16 the last time that I had a year that was that barren!!


    Worst – having my hip removed due to septic arthritis
    Best – getting new hip and getting back on my bike


    best: nowt really, been a bit of a meh year. No health issues in the family though so got to be grateful for that.

    worst: 60 mile round trip daily commute. I’ve been doing it for 12 years now but this year has been far & away the worst year – especially since the clocks went back.
    oh, and the weather 👿


    Best – birth of our son Kyle Robert on 12-06-12, me being 46 at the time was a bit of a worry, but i am coping a lot better than i would have when i was a young tearaway. 1st wedding anniversary. Little fellas 1st Christmas with his gran up in Scotland.

    Not so good – very little cycling due to MrsG being preganant then see above^^^^^^.
    Being put on redundancy notice, haver since been kept on, but the company is a bag of sh**e so have accepted an offer from another company – jobs are further away, so less time with the family 🙁


    Worst – my younger brothers Metastatic disease moving on to the next level – he now has a liver full of Tumours (he’s 35)

    Best – probably the Olympics – 5 weeks of magic – and had some amazing days at the Olympic park and other venues…


    white101 – take care of yourself and your loved ones – time really is a great healer.

    Whatever 2012 brought you let’s hope that 2013 is even brighter. Happy New Year all!

    Premier Icon mboy

    Best – The Olympics, I completed a 100 mile sportive (very hilly one!), got a job in a bike shop where I’m appreciated, met a nice girl, continued to do well at uni and generally things are a good bit better than they were a year or two ago.

    Worst – THE BLOODY WEATHER! Went for a ride on my birthday (in July!) in the Wyre Forest and it was completely sodden. And things have only got worse still! Seriously depressed about the weather, and it has had a big impact on the amount of riding I’ve done, and also where I’ve ridden (a lot more road, much less natural off road riding).

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Best. Got married.
    Worst. Fairly lengthy spell in hospital, gall bladder removed, and further diabetic complications that are still ongoing…

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    The best, the birth of my daughter.

    The worst, the weather and lack the kind of summer mtb’ing that makes winter riding worthwhile, and the email I just recieved from work confirming our results, and that despite 8% growth overall, I’m 1%, yes 1% away from receiving the remaining 20% of my salary this year. I worked my f’ing balls off for a 20% reduction in salary for the second year running. :-/

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