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  • the battle of wounded knee…
  • yunki

    Today we had to visit a snowbound area and obviously everyone was pitching in to help each other under the circumstances..

    In the process of helping one stuck lady move her car off the ice and onto a better surface.. I’ve hurt my knee..

    Under maximum pressure with shoulder against the car.. a slip in the ice and a bit of a twist.. not masses of immediate pain but ‘that’s gonna be trouble later..’ type thoughts after the job was done..

    After an hour drive home.. I climb the stairs to my front door and I’m thinking this has gotten quite unpleasant now.. to the point of not really physically being able to put even half weight onto that leg..

    I need to move house on wednesday.. fridge freezers.. washing machines etc down three flights of stairs..

    STW home medics and hedgewitches.. your advice.. prescriptions and prognosis purleease!

    Premier Icon billyboy

    Ice pack on injured knee. Brandy down throat.

    or see a Doctor of course


    ice, ice and more ice

    Premier Icon boxelder

    I buprofen and MUFT (anagram)


    I think elevating the injured leg is supposed to help. Alcohol and cocodimal for the pain……… that last bit is a joke.



    Rest, Ice, compression, elevation

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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