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  • oldgit

    Yes Im at home today with nothing to do, so expect loads of drivel today.

    It’s been a while. 2009 I think since my last solo. But I have me a hankering.
    My later efforts were half hearted, usually down to the weather. I’d trained hard enough, that was never the problem.
    It wasn’t until I did a lot of racing again that I remembered how to dig deep, even if it was for just an hour. I remember thinking during one very tough xc race that if I can’t do this then don’t bother with another 24.
    It was all very well doing the huge days, but they were always done in a comfort zone.
    Now I feel stronger and more able to cope with a solo again. I’ve not done any huge mileage and my longest day was 16 hours in the saddle.
    I’m thinking of the Sleepless, one bike and no support.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    crack on.


    Do it. Maybe with support though.

    I did Relentless 24 last year. Initially didn’t want to do it at all. Then grudgingly agreed to do it as a pair. Mate then bust his ankle, so ended up doing it solo.

    First ever mountain bike race. Had never ridden further than 30km/longer than 4 hours. Had no time to train (and I’m not an XC rider at all).

    Managed 18 laps, came 6th or something in my category, 10 minutes sleep (being a student used to doing all-nighters may have helped me with this).

    However, the weather was perfect (cold enough for the duration to keep me cool, warm enough to not be freezing), no rain, and I had a great support team.

    These two probably saved me.

    I really enjoyed it, and recommend all my biking mates to do one (even if as part of a team).

    Go for it!

    Premier Icon mboy

    Go for it

    Can tell you that one bike and no support means a lot more probability of failure though, especially given bad weather conditions. Good weather will increase your chances of spending time on the bike, but if the weather is rubbish, you’ll need that 2nd bike and/or a good support team at least. Certainly if you actually want to ride your bike for 24hrs, not spend half of it doing maintenance or cleaning it yourself.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    The ‘scene’ is like wild these days. Lots of energy drinks and bars being handed around if you know where to go. Big wheels are the new church. Unsupported solos are where you find the time-served hard men like yourself. Lastly, it’s all about the tunes. 🙂


    BWD you are a most terrible **** 😀


    “24 Hour Scene”? I’m not sure what that would be, but I can’t imagine much has changed since 2009. 24 hours still lasts approximately the same as it use to, even with inflation. But with your vast experience of 24 hour solos (how many is it now?) – probably more than anyone else on here I’m guessing – there isn’t much we can add :o)
    At the risk of contradicting myself though, I would add that taking one bike is reducing your chances of a high placed finish. Maybe bring a spare, even if it is just a borrowed bike.

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    there’s still a very small light on for another attempt, sometime, maybe never

    but unsupported is the true way 🙂

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    This is going to be like Lance coming back to the Tour in 2009, but with more drama and added mud.

    Now in my diary.

    BWD you are a most terrible ****

    And yes, I am an unreconstructed git, but I have never failed a drug test at a 24-hour race…


    think of your poor balls


    What you’re saying then is that they’re still Glastonbury on wheels?

    One bike, six tyres, pads, chain, rear mech & hangers. Anyway helpers tend to bugger off at midnight.


    Hmm not really sure what you’re asking. I’d recommend Bontrager 24/12 to get back into it, 24 hours of exposure I would say is best but you’ll have less time ti train.

    I don’t like xc races much but love 24 hours, they are both painful but just a different kind of pain.


    what sort of bike would you be looking at for this kind of event?

    I don’t know about the scene as such is there one?

    But Bontrager Twentyfour12 is brilliant and very friendly , I think this will be my fifth now great bunch of people the only support I’ve had is the missus. One year my mech took a wander through the spokes ( the only year I ever took a phone on the course by chance) I called her and some blokes in another team stripped my other bike got it ready with a new chain as I ran the 5k back to the Van.

    In last years Hell a team opposite us would hose down my bike every time I came in for a clothes change, they even removed the stone that was cutting a nice hole in my stanchion and my lowers broke the several hundred pound news to me with a cup of bovril 🙂

    Being in Devon it makes travelling up country pretty hard so to have in on the doorstep is also a bonus.


    Bike? rigid geared and possibly a s/s back up. I preffered doing the solo on the singlespeed.
    Liked the 24/12, but only did the 12. Did solos at Sandwell, Trentham, Catton, Eastnor, CLIC at god knows where and Stathpeffer. And a good few 12’s elsewhere.
    Loved Trentham, Catton park would be my first choice if dry’ish.


    Bike? rigid geared and possibly a s/s back up.


    29er full sus is my current weapon of choice.

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