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  • The 2010 thread – Post the new stuff here!
  • As it starts to unravel, let’s have a thread of what’s new!

    I’ll kick off with some 2010 Spesh action, including a very retro Langster;

    and a Spesh Hybrid;

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    That Langster looks very much like a Fuji Track rebranded.

    Premier Icon votchy

    The Langster and the Hybrid are identical, little white square with a red cross in it 😀


    150mm FIT tecnology 32mm FLOATS ….


    but it kinda 2010 now, i have a bike full of 2010 sram/rock shox stuff sitting in my room and its like june, fox 2010 will be in the shop in the next few weeks.

    and bikes will be out before october, 2010 is getting closer and closer.

    resisting a proper rant!!

    Premier Icon jim the saint

    Looks like Spesh are loving the singlespeed/fixed bikes. Obviously they’ve got all their horizontal drop-outs road stuff, but it looks like even entry level bikes like Rockhoppers will come with slidy, single-speedable drop-outs.


    Those Langsters still look like heavy lumps of crap……why the big fat tubing? Nice retro paint job though.


    is that some wear I can see on the Fox stanchions 😉

    Premier Icon darrell

    dont look at them or they’ll need to be serviced

    Bugger, links worked last night!


    Well they don’t **** work now, do they?

    Pull yer finger out, you ponce!

    I shall have my gentleman’s gentleman deal with it forthwith.


    Meanwhile, Marin Quad DH. Nasty.


    That’s ugly even for a Marin


    That marin is cak, so much excess metal that is just not needed


    You’ve done a full stress analysis on it have you? Or just making assumptions?

    It is fugly though…


    2010 Revelation, need…no, want… yes 😕

    Revelation 2010


    Marin’s fine, only why have they splashed the red paint over it?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Meanwhile, Marin Quad DH. Nasty.

    And not ‘nasty’ in a good way either.

    Looks like a Halfords £99 special on steroids.


    Are forks going the way of razors? It seems the fashion to just add 10mm onto last year model, is it going to get rediculous with short travel bikes being anything below 7 inches of travel?

    I can kinda see the point,

    “XC” has morphed into “trail” which became “enduro” which became “All mountain”

    Although in this country all mountain still seems to be very close to XC, just check out what passes for all mountain the other side of the pond! When was the last time you took your pitch or prophet over a 20ft road gap?

    At the same time Freeride started off as downhills bigger heavier ugglierr brother. But DH lost weight, and FR overtook it (2010 gieant reign-x is sub 30lb!!!!!)

    So I can see why you could need 2 4″ forks, one for XC the other for Dirt jumps,

    2 5″ forks, one for trail riders and one for slopestylers

    2 6″ forks, one for the fassion concious and the other for freeriders

    Bear in mind the pike was originaly the Boxxers little brother!

    Our island isnt getting any rockier, its just that now im scared because my 5″ “hardcore hardtail” from 4 years back has an XC fork bolted up front! whereas the old bombers regularly withstood frot heavy landings i just dont have the same confidence in these new ones, its probably just marketing though.

    Premier Icon nickc

    That 29er Hardrock is possibly the wrongest looking bike I’ve seen in a long time


    Does look odd, same with the turner sultan.

    Its these big wheels i tells ya, ruining our bikes.


    I think these glasses will be huge in 2010. 8)

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