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  • grum

    I sprayed my multitool with some fork juice – never had an issue with rusting. 🙂

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    I’m sat looking at a crap bros multi tool that lives on the table next to my keyboard.

    It’s not been outside for a couple of years and it’s still a bit rusty. 😆

    Premier Icon Brainflex

    Time FTW. Got a pair 8 years ago, serviced em 4 times. Still going well but the bars are looking worn. Cleats replaced once.

    b r

    an annual bearing change is worth the hassle

    They didn’t get that far…

    Premier Icon 10

    I’ve got two pairs of eggbeaters and a pair of smarties. They’ve been great, the eggbeaters have been used since 2003 and 2004 and are still going, albeit after bearing changes and some lovin’. They have had numerous wet rides, pedal strikes and don’t seem to suffer at all. The smarties were used for the past three years on my commuter with no maintenance and haven’t disintegrated yet either.

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    I’ve got several pairs of Mallets of different vintages and keep spares handy As soon as they start running with a bit of play or roughness you know you have to do a five minute service. Never had them fall apart on me.

    I still really like them better than the SPDs. Great platform when you’re not clipped on.

    Every time I looked at an alternative I find they are all a fair bit heavier.

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Candys fell apart after 3 months no warning nice and smooth no play just pop no more pedal. Head set rusted almost as soon as I fitted it to my frame tho did work faultlessly.


    Had (well still gotten bits somewhere) Ti eggbeaters. As mentioned, light, good mud clearance etc but broke far too many times

    I have a pair of 12 year old Time Atacs going strong without a hint of maintainence. Also have an 18yo pair in spares box that still can be used

    For my new CX bike I’ve got some Look quartz to try

    Premier Icon mattbee

    My 50:50s have been a bit mleh. They develop play very quickly. A 10 min strip, clean & rebuild sorts it but then it only takes a few hours of riding for them to go again. Want to get a bit more out of them before they are scrapped s they weren’t cheap. Won’t be seduced by shiny packaging and cool laser etching again. (well, not from CB, at any rate…)
    As far as clipless pedals go, Apart from the origional DX spd which I had for around 5 years I only use Time. Superb reliability, one pair has lasted 9 years with zero maintenance.


    Not sure about the comment on servicing pedals they have always been fit and forget for me

    I’ve been using Time Atacs for around 8-9years now, they do need new bearings after about 3-5years use


    I’ve used time pedals for quite a few years now , currently using roc atacs which have been on the bike for at least 3 yrs maybe longer and haven’t had to touch them .


    Look quartz. Other than a bit fiddly to set up they seem bomb proof


    Their sage FR steelset is a thing of beauty. Everything else is shite.

    Premier Icon FOG

    I still have the first pair of spds I bought in 1994 and although they only get used as spares these days , they are fine.
    I can’ see the point in spending any more than for basic spds especially if you have to get into a service schedule. I have never serviced any pedals. 520s only cost £20ish what’s the point?
    Oh, and the only CB product I ever bought , a pump , fell apart after a fixing a couple of punctures.

    Premier Icon ian martin

    Shame Time don’t make flat pedals,


    There are some things that you just have to buy from one manufacturer. I buy all my cranks and SPD pedals from Shimano. I buy all my brakes from Avid. I’ve tried others, but always have to come back.


    if you let them get in that state its your own fault – mine failed last week through pure neglect 7 months of hard wet wintery muddy use 3 times a week in peak grit for lots of miles…

    MY time have done this for aout 8 years and I have had to change the bearings on one pedal about a year ago
    That is the sum totoal of my maintenance on them

    Seems like they are not the best and have Fox like servicing guidlines which is not really feasible/practical for a MTB product in the UK ,espcially as other fit and forget options exist

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