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  • that physio in ipswich that does the magnetic stuff.
  • ianv

    Anyone used him and whats the consensus. Did it work for you?

    Just had my collar bone plated and wondering if he would be money well spent.

    Sorry, can’t help with contact details but can you tell me more about the magnetic stuff.

    Brian Simpson is the one your on about i think. The Bone welder, never used him but in the Motorbike racing world he has legend status. Riders come back from all kinds of nasty injuries only a few weeks after.

    You should have seen him before the plating though, as he can get amazing results without the need for pinning.

    Bone Welder


    I had it done when I broke my wrist a couple of years back – I had a 5 week window between holidays to get it fixed.

    I can’t, hand on heart, say it actually “did” anything, but on the other hand I was back commuting after 3 weeks in a cast, was riding offroad after 4 weeks (still in the cast). 2 days after having the cast cut off I was riding hard technical DH in the Alps and continued that way for a fortnight with no issues. Nailed an 8′ drop, 10′ gap stepdown with a horrible runout on the second day too. Barely a twinge since either.

    Basically I’d do it again if I bust something, but can’t say I could actively recommend it, as there’s no “physical proof” of the results.


    “You should have seen him before the plating though, as he can get amazing results without the need for pinning”

    The two bones quite some way apart and frow what I read, he does not seem to be very effective in a situation like that. Even discounting that, some people seem to think its all bull and its for this reason I was trying to see what the consenus was.


    Brilliant !

    Rang them up and was asked to send over xray of shoulder. They rang me back “yeah no problem we can fix that” and they/he did.

    When I got down there Brain was very matter of fact, almost blase. You could tell he’d seen my type of injury hundreds of times and was a man who could do his job standing on his head. Gave me loads of advice what to do, what not to do with it during the heeling period. Had far far more confidence in him than anyone I spoke to in the NHS (no offence to anyone, but NHS really didnt have much time for a fit middle old fella who had fallen off their push bike…. But I make them right… they are busy enough with far more important cases).

    Anyway motor bike racers from Poland make a three day round trip to see him and I would defo go back….. Highly recommended.


    I know a few motorcycle racers who’ve used him with surprisingly good results. They’ve been back racing following breaks of mainly collarbone, hand and arm way quicker than expected.

    Recommended if you either break a bone reknowned for being a slow healer like some of the bones in the hand, collar bone etc or are competing.


    I was all set to poo poo this, a quick email chat with my Ortho Consultant mate and my Dad (a vet, the font of all human wisdom) abd apparaently its kosher. See here.

    Why isn’t this in every hospital???


    “They’ve been back racing following breaks of mainly collarbone, hand and arm way quicker than expected”

    but quite often thats not because they are healed, just mental!

    Agree with all the above, broke my collarbone (single break minimal displacement) last year. Broke on a Sunday, went to see Brian on the Wednesday and had both the Magnetic pulse, and laser treatments. Also fitted with a X brace.

    Now, wether it would have healed as well on its own … no idea but after two weeks the bones had started knitting, soft cartilage callus and becoming stable. Week four obvious lamination and I was back on the bike by week six (albeit nervously).

    The other benefit is all the information he can provide, while the NHS is a more “heres some tablets, a sling now go and do nothing” Brians was much more in depth including rehab procedures, what to expects and realistic timetables.

    I’d be back in a heartbeat if / when if ever happens again.

    Also, ask him about the procedures following the removal of your plate. Theres a reasonable incidence of repeat breaks soon after removal as the screw holes haven’t filled in, and full lamination may not have occurred due to the abrasion of the plate.

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    I’ve been to him twice with broken collar bones, don’t think he can do it if you’ve been plated though (or at least not all of it) in the last year and on both occasions the consultant at 6 weeks has said how well healed it was and great progress etc. I know 3 other people that have been and all think it was money very well spent. The first time I went my bone was in 4 bits and it was borderline operation. I had the treatment and was back on my road bike in 3 weeks and off road in 5, flat out in 6. I was sceptical of how it worked but after it there’s no doubt in my mind that it does help.
    When i broke myself again this year I went back to see him 36 hours after doing it. Was back on a bike on road after 8 days, off road after 4 weeks. Bone was set again in a week.
    Call them up to see if they can help and if they do go, as mentioned he really knows what he’s doing and see’s injuries like this all the time.

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