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  • "That Newspaper" A moral dilemma.
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    Obviously you should don a burqa before heading out to deliver the papers.

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    Just slip a note in with each delivery saying that there’s a drop in centre for unemployed, drug addicted, cancer causing ethnic minorities being built in the neighbourhood.

    They’ll soon explode spontaniously

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    To spare your embarrassment, just hide the offending papers in porn mags.

    OTH, what 14 year old is not available at 7am on a Sunday morning?

    what 14 year old is not available at 7am on a Sunday morning?

    Grrls only camping weekend with mum, big swimming contest with an early start…

    I like the leaflet idea.
    There’s some “Don’t disturb the deer during mating season by riding your mountain bike at night” type posters around the Wyre Forest at the moment.
    I also remember seeing pictures of posters in Australia warning of Drop Bears
    I’ve already been thinking of combining these two ideas and posting some sort of fake warning notices around the Wyre.

    Posting fake leaflets through Daily M Word reader’s letter boxes sounds far more rewarding.


    Don’t you have any spare anthrax spores to sprinkle on That Paper?

    I won’t mention the name again, it’s been mentioned enough on this forum already in the last day or so, but I’m sure you all know which one I mean.

    Mrs MTG’s 14 year old daughter does a paper round on Sunday mornings.
    She’s far to young and innocent to understand politics and stuff and just sees newspapers as all the same, something that grown ups read.

    The dilemma is, that if she’s unavailable on a Sunday, I’ll do the paper round for her, if I can, to avoid letting the paper shop owner down.
    Now, I used to get embarrassed about being sent down the shop for a Copy of the Sun by the older guys when I was a lad starting out on building sites.
    This is another league though.
    I get a list of names and addresses with the name of a newspaper next to each one.
    Inevitably, several of them take the Sunday M Word.

    I can’t do anything that would jeopardise Juniors’s job, so should I just make a note of the names and pass them on to the authorities ?

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    I don’t remember there being any drop out option when I was a paper lad.

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