That new bit of trail – Whinstone Lee Tor

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  • That new bit of trail – Whinstone Lee Tor
  • dashed

    Rode off the top of Whinstone Lee Tor s couple of weeks back and bumped into one of the lads involved in putting in the new surface on the bottom section. He mentioned there was a more mtb friendly option to the left which they’d had permission to dig and included berms and hit the water bars more diagonally than straight on.

    Rode it again last night and buggered if I could find it – it’s open moorland, how hard can it be?!

    Any ideas where it starts, say relative to the start of the new surfacing work?

    Cheers 🙂

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    God he sounds like a right plonker. Wouldn’t trust a word he says. Probably making it all up.

    That was me!

    We were involved in the bottom section – but only in an advisory capacity. Moors For the Future have been ace in listening to us and making it something like more interesting than a gravel track on that bottom bit. The thing I said about the water bars was in reference to if you hit them square on they’re brutal but diagonally it softens them a bit.

    What I was talking about with the more MTB friendly option was the restoration work PDMTB have done on the top 400m or so. Instead of riding up the very visible peaty bit over the heather, James has led work on restoring the original line up the hill a bit (with permission) to make it far more interesting both up and down. You can find out more here, and come and get involved in a dig day too!

    Work on Whinstone Lee Tor by Moors for the Future now complete

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    Great work Pook!

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    Top man Pook and James et al

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    Rode down the other day- excellent work! That section was always a nightmare for most of the year. The new surface is a definite improvement without being a motorway, DCC take note.


    havign recently ridden up that bit for the first time in a while (I think the last time I went up was on a recce with Ride The Peak when we were looking at what needed to be done in terms of trail maintenance – probably ten years ago!) I was impressed with the standard of the work done.

    the descent needs a kicker just before each waterbar though 😀


    Cheers Pook – must of misunderstood (I was mid-puncture repair at the time) 😉

    Top bit is definitely ace and as above, a couple of subtle kickers before each water bar please 🙂

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    I was chatting to Moors For The Future yesterday and talked about this thread. They were really happy with your comments on the work at the bottom and keen to carry on working with us to satisfy our needs.

    cheers folks

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