That Elephone w3 smartwatch on FGF414

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  • That Elephone w3 smartwatch on FGF414
  • Just £25!

    Too good to be true?


    Cant vouch for the above but have been using a Xiaomi Amazfit Bip for the last few months and for my purposes has been perfect.

    Last charge ran for 24days thats includes daily use with some rides being tracked too.


    I’m looking at the Elephone W7 band. Its a bit slimmer and lighter than the watch. But still GPS and heart rate built in.

    I’m wondering how accurate it is, and what is the battery life like? And is the app any good? Can you save rides and upload to Strava etc?


    A w3 heading my way from Far East May be here next few days. Not much reviews or YouTube vids so bit of a gamble as to how it works with iOS. Will report back on arrival.

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    Looking at the W7 band for my lad for Christmas.

    Be interested to know people’s views on either the W3 or W7.

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    I was just looking at this and was about to knock up a post!

    Anyone know if it works with Strava? I’m thinking of signing up to Strava beacon to give mrskennerley piece of mind as I mostly ride solo. Bit of heart rate monitoring thrown in is a bonus.

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    Can any of these pair to an ANT+ chest belt?

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    I’ve ordered an Elephone Band 5 (under £11!) for my daughter’s 9th birthday.

    No GPS, but she just wants the HRM anyway.

    I got one of the W3 watches, it’s ok but a few things I find annoying. You can’t alter the time the screen stays on for – 3 seconds –  and it’s quite hard to read in sunlight, so by the time my old eyes have focussed on the info I want to see the screen shuts down and I’m tapping it again to try and find it again. Not many choices in watch faces, not able to change size of text – I wanted it more for HR stuff but that info is pretty small on the screen. Used it during a 2 hour ride yesterday and it tracked no distance or calories used, so looks like the gps/tracking isn’t working, I know it’s on as I also used ViewRanger, the calories used I have no idea about that, but it did track time and HR info. Settings also very limited, nothing for gps so I’ve no idea if that’s on or not on the watch or linking with the phone or any way of testing it. You have to download an app for it to work with which again is a bit basic, it wants permissions for everything otherwise it won’t work, and it’s always on. Won’t work with any other apps – Strava, ViewRanger, as far as I know – my Sony smart watch has other apps come up on the screen that I can select and use.

    Otherwise it’s ok, HR tracked ok and the information was interesting, probably not accurate but ok as a guideline. Sleep info was interesting. Maybe some of the things above could be address with new firmware, most annoying thing is the screen time. But for £25 it’s good. Would be interested to know if other fitness/HR type apps would work with this though rather than the one you get a link for.

    @kojak, I have a feeling the w3 has no Gps.odd as its bigger than the w7

    That’s from memory and currently sat on a beach in Sicily so can’t be arsed looking!

    I don’t think the watch has gps but it’s supposed to link to your phone gps, just had a quick look at the blurb on their website and it does say ‘sports tracking’, but again it didn’t track my morning commute and says I burned 1 calorie in 32mins of cycling … no wonder I’m not losing any weight!

    Well, the app says I’ve been a sleep for the last 20 hours despite doing 2 bike rides and over 8000 steps and a days work, can’t seem to stop the sleep monitor thing manually, both rides today didn’t track distance or calories, but the steps did record distance and calories so that’s a bit odd. Times on the bike rides are all over the place as well, I went to work at 12.45am and came home about 9.30 am, not too impressed so far! … Just in case anyone is thinking of getting one maybe look elsewhere, I’m  finding it a bit annoying now!


    W3 eventually arrived today. Given not much online reviews or videos, here’s my initial reaction. Coming from a pebble so I guess that’s my only SmartWatch comparison. Tho the w3 was only £22 posted.

    Display a bit garish but at least it’s only on when you tap it/move wrist.  Only 3 displays to choose from.

    quality generally looks ok for the money not as cheap plasticky as you might expect.

    music controls limited to ply/pause fwd/back and a clunky multiple button press needed. No song or album display and no way I can see to select from library. It just plays whatever was open in your music player.  A shame as quite liked how my pebble gave me access to music library via watch. Meant could choose tunes while out biking and leave phone in framebag.

    Camera shutter control might prove handy for mid ride selfies!

    havent figures out any other features yet. Step counter seems reasonably accurate.

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