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  • That commencal ad/vid….
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    With rob warner.

    Near the end of it there’s a shot of a trail centre with about 12 berms, one after the other.

    Where is it??!

    Video: Rob Warner & The 2017 Commencal Meta TR

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    I think it’s the Minataur Switches on the blue trail at CYB

    Premier Icon Bregante
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    From memory you turn right at the end of the first section of the MBR and it’s down there buggered if I can remember the name of it…

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    I believe it’s the end of Slipway on the MinorTaur trail. Ridden it a few times and all the corners are always loose gravel as the slow riders take the low line and the faster people seem to panic-brake and skid round them, nowhere near as much fun as it should be 🙁

    Premier Icon M1llh0use
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    Oh 🙁

    That’s a little bit disappointing….

    May have to try anyway!!

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