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  • CountZero

    Hmmmm, quite a few years ago, round the g/f’s, parents and younger sister out, (bet you can see where this is going), we’re ‘enjoying each other’s company’, both naked, when front door suddenly opens, feet thunder up the stairs, door bursts open…
    Younger sister had forgotten something important and come back for it, stands there for what seems like an eternity, says ‘caught in the act’, and runs out. 😳


    Just started going out with my girlfriend (now my wife 😀 ) who had just gone 17, me being 26.

    The age difference had already been raised by her Mum with the line, “26! 26! He’s not just going to want to hold your hand you know!”

    Anyhow a couple of weeks in we find we’ve got the house to ourselves so are having a fumble on the sofa, I’ve got her top open and she has my jeans unzipped and boxers pulled down when the front door opens.

    It’s her very large Dad (whom I’m yet to meet) returning early, with no time to zip up I grabbed a cushion and put it across my lap while my girlfriend grabbed another cushion and pulled up her knees to her chest just as Dad walked into the front room.

    ” Hello, so you must be Sean then” he said holding his hand out which I shook while hiding a now very fast deflating erection, I just thank God he didn’t ask me to stand up 😆

    As it turns out he is a proper Jack the lad and we have shared many stories over the years, still never told him this one though.

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Calling round my mate Vinny’s house, hadn’t seen him for a while as I’d been working away, see a new car in the drive, think bloody hell he’s traded up, knock on the kitchen door, hear a mumbled come in, so walk thru the kitchen into the living room and its full of a family of strangers and new furniture “He’s moved hasn’t he?” I said they all nodded yes and I quickly walked out.


    When you realise that the “slightly different” colour hair dye that you have used is actually a very bright violet, and you have an important meeting with one of the directors at work on Monday.

    I’m hoping that he turns out to be either a) colour blind, or b) really blind.

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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