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  • Thanks to the hit and run driver who ruined my week
  • lank45

    Just got out of A&E, got hit by a hit and run driver turning in front of me at a junction. Managed a hole through to the bone in the shin, a battered and bruised hand but no damage to my head. Luckily, helmet saved me!

    Not looked at the bike yet, think I’ll leave it for the time being. Can’t believe some peoples stupidity when in a rush. Pulled in front on the wrong side of the road, hit me over the bonnet then side swiped some other poor buggers car.

    All the police have is that its a Suzuki Baleno, no reg number so looks like I’m going to have to fork out for a new jacket and bike bits myself. Cheers love, you’ve ruined my weekend!


    Sorry to hear that, at least you’re alive!
    Let’s hope they catch them or they have the conscience to walk into a cop shop and admit it.

    A suzuki baleno does not sound like the kind of car a gent would drive. In my experience sh1theads tend to drive really sh1tty cars.

    I have been run down a few times, and the anger never really passes… but sincerely, best wishes and happy healing… at least it aint summer.

    Heres an idea, run a digital video camera on your bars at all times. Cost a few hundred but you would mean that you can enjoy vengence.

    could have been worse mate – the idiot in question will get their comupence soon!


    Sorry to hear that mate.

    Just read an article in CTC magazine about a chap who has been recording his commute on a head cam (I have just started this too, so was V interested).
    He has used the footage for reporting drivers to the police, and has also published it on you-tube under the pseudonym “magnatom”.
    If actually hit, this might be useful, though I think I will have to carry a “CCTV you are being recorded” sign on my back, otherwise it might not stand up???.
    I’m fed up of being passed with an inch spare, and it is only a matter of time before I am hit, and I don’t expect any of them to stop, you can feel the deliberate nature of the move when they pass…
    I have even had to quote highway code rule 163 (when overtaking drivers should give vulnerable road users {bikes etc} the same space they would give a car) to driving instructors whose pupils have given me an inch.

    I am not a fan of CCTV everywhere, and really this is only so that if/when I am killed doing something I love doing, the culprit is actually caught, rather than to grass everyone up.

    Anyway, get well soon, lets film all our journeys until something is done about driver education.
    Andy 🙂

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