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  • Thanks Beeb – 2 Blokey Programmes on BBC2 – back to back…
  • scuttler

    BBC4 from now – hours of moon/Apollo stuff. First class!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    loved the J.May space prog

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    yeah great stuff. Lucky blighter to get up to near space in that plane

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    It’s to soften the blow of having nowt but **** tennis on all their channels from now on..

    Stunning – I actually like James May, seems like a great bloke, with intelligent views on things such as the space race. He seemed truly humbled by the ‘edge of space’ experience.

    But he is an Mechanical Engineer – good MTB stock in there somewhere ?

    A wonderful couple of hours viewing !!

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Excellent stuff really enjoyed it, but I guess the MOD wouldn’t fork out for spacesuits for our pilots, they’d just have to hold their breath when they were bouncing the U2’s Lightning

    Russell96; Nice link – enjoyed the read.

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Read a book a while back that had some stuff in it from Mike Hale, once I remember the title (advancing age etc.) until then the wiki on it shows what engineers can do before the gov/mod **** things up.

    When you look at a U2 compare it to a F104 and you’ll see what an amazing design that was too.

    neverfastenuff – Member
    But he is an Mechanical Engineer?

    No he’s not!

    “James Daniel May was born on January 16, 1963 in Bristol, England. He went to Oakwood Comprehensive School and graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Music.”

    Premier Icon nickc

    D’you know, only James May could make going to the moon into a dull programme…


    Well, i really enjoyed it – don’t normally watch much tv but i stayed tuned in after Top Gear and May kept me engaged the whole way through.

    Rogerthecat; Crikey, I really thought he was an engineer as the top gear shows always big him up about his mechanical knowledge.. oh well,

    I didn’t know this 😀

    James May is a presenter on BBC’s Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. He worked at Autocar magazine until he was sacked for inserting a hidden message in one issue, which read: “So you think it’s really good, yeah?

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    May seems OK-ish (a certain Top Gear-induced arrogance aside), though his post-modern glib smugness is increasingly irritate me. It’s a style of broadcasting that really gets on my t*ts.

    It was marginally better than the cricket docu that follwed, which was unremittingly simplistic.


    tricky, that’s fantastic – i had to find out the story:

    I had this idea that if I re-edited the beginnings of all the little texts, I could make these red letters spell out a message through the magazine, which I thought was brilliant. I can’t remember exactly what it said, but it was to the effect that “You might think this is a really great thing, but if you were sitting here making it up you’d realise it’s a real pain in the arse”. It took me about two months to do it and on the day that it came out I’d actually forgotten that I’d done it because there’s a bit of a gap between it being “put to bed” and coming out on the shelves. When I arrived at work that morning everybody was looking at their shoes and I was summoned to the managing director of the company’s office. The thing had come out and nobody at work had spotted what I’d done because I’d made the words work around the pages so you never saw a whole word. But all the readers had seen it and they’d written in thinking they’d won a prize or a car or something.

    May’s original message, punctuated appropriately, reads: “So you think it’s really good, yeah? You should try making the bloody thing up. It’s a real pain in the arse.”


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