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  • Excellent demo day at Holmbury today. Excellent range, lots of very helpful and friendly staff on hand to help and ride with, really well organised, good loop to cover such a wide range of riders. And brilliant cakes, filled rolls and tea/coffee. Absolutely first class – and completely free. No “selling” at all, in fact exactly the opposite, they kept saying this is a day to just go out and enjoy riding. And it was. Very, very good event.

    Already put some money your way and more to come next week, plus next bike purchase for sure. My new LBS. I like demo days as it’s always fun to share experiences with other people – why do you like that bike but hate that one etc. Just goes go show that bike fit is SO personal.

    For me, whytes are not the bike. Great bikes and spec, but just don’t feel like a Spesh does for my shape. First demo on camber evo – really fun bike (if spec is not as good as should be for that price IMO). Everything I was hoping for/expecting. Really, really enjoyed riding it, despite the one (and only) off!!!

    But I wish I didn’t love the epic SO much. I feel like I want “more” bike but in truth I don’t really need it. Love the set up (low and long body), the amazing stiffness (I know what that means now!!), but just can’t see where they hide the engine that makes uphills such a blast. And such fun going down. Not at all twitchy for me, just fast and easy to ride. Ok the camber was a little easier on one steeper turn, but marginal. Pity the epics are an extra grand!!!

    The camber is close to the do it all bike for me, but not quite. Damn, it really it’s true N+1! 😉


    Hello teamhurtmore you have said some very kind things there.

    We put a lot of work into our demo day to ensure that the day works well and everybody has fun.



    It’s a pleasure Dave. An excellent day with lots of smiles all round.

    I am surprised that there were not more STWers around given one stereotype of forumites!!! 😉

    If it helps, I recently got an Epic, and its truly awesome. Its also my only bike so had to fit the do it all category which so far its managed with aplomb.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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