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  • TF Tuned – Now that is a perfect example of customer service!
  • Conan257

    Simple services are always cheaper… I’m never going to open up a damper though, so more than happy with their prices!


    They probably rank as the best customer service I have ever experienced.

    Why cant all businesses do such a good job ?

    Premier Icon maxray

    I know! Sadly I can’t think of any other company that has come close. At least it ensures you go back, they instantly sprang to mind despite it being about 5 years since I last used them 🙂

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I never got around to letting everyone know how amazingly brilliant they were for me. Their suggested settings were spot on.
    Faultless service.

    Hob Nob

    They are very good, obviously you are paying for the privilege, but if the cost is acceptable & you want a speedy & efficient turnaround they always come up trumps 🙂

    Premier Icon maxray

    I am so impressed with TF Tuned’s customer service, it is ages since I last used them and had kind of forgotten just how amazing it is.

    Booked my fork in on Friday, given a 1 hour timeslot for the courier arriving to get it on Monday.

    Received a text on Tuesday morning to tell me it had been received and was going to be worked on.

    Received a call from the guy who was just finishing it off mid afternoon to explain what they had done and advise on a question I had asked.

    Received a text at around 6pm telling me that the job was complete and with the courier and I would get a 1hr time slot to await its delivery the next morning.

    Fork arrived back at 8.30 this morning as promised.

    Pretty impressive really, a 48hr turnaround and the texts/calls along the way meant there wasn’t a moment I was thinking “I wonder if it arrived” or “I wonder if they have managed to fix it” etc.

    Reckon quite a few companies could take a leaf out of their book!

    (Bet doing it yourself was a load cheaper though binners! :D)


    I paid them 120 for some new seals and the oil in changed in one leg only! forks sprang a leak a couple of weeks later.

    never again.


    Amazing customer service, fixed the broken Talas in my Fox 36’s. Lovely stuff.

    When they did my Fox forks years ago they leaked after about 6months.Which they never did in the previous 2 years from New.Then some old Sid race they did that were sticking down spent £70 odd years ago then 4months later they were the same again sold forks for £40 as said above never use them since.Far as i am concern was throwing money down the drain.
    They may be alot better now.

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