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  • Test Match Special (Cricket) – listening in France?
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    bbc radio player v2.2 on aindroid

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    also TMS was working fine here in Oz and you tube are broadcasting it in Europe for free

    OK, sounds good, thanks Mike. Not that the first test is going to last long into Saturday…

    Now, if I could only find some decent Cider in Chamonix, my world would be perfect!


    Just use an internet radio player like Tunein.
    I’ll be doing the same from tomorrow although I’ve just learnt that 3 have suspended data roaming this weekend for essential upgrades 🙁

    Wow, you pay for data roaming? Must cost a fortune. I read that roaming charges wont be allowed from july 2014, not sure if that means things will be cheaper, or that the service will be disabled.

    Wifi for me.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    You can listen live to BBC radio straight from their web page, eg. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_five_live_sports_extra

    Edit: should say I’m in Spain, and if it works fine from here I’m guessing it should work in France.

    I’m lucky enough to be flying to France today for 3 weeks of riding, but I want to catch up with the cricket. Does anyone know if the BBC radio iplayer, or the TMS App work outside of the UK?

    If not, are there any Android proxy server type ways of listening and watching BBC abroad?


    So maybe it’s just their TV stations that BBC blocks? But pretty sure there are occasional issues with certain big sporting events being broadcast outside of the UK or on internet radio.

    Hopefully ITV player will work too, for the TdF coverage.


    Interestingly, 5 Live doesn’t play online in N America for any sports events. 5LSX plays occasionally; sometimes it’ll just drop out and be replaced with “we can’t play this due to rights” – but the Radio 4LW online stream works fine. Just have to put up with the shipping forecast occasionally.

    Premier Icon alan-sierracycling

    Agree with Mogrim, works fine in Spain.
    And there will be plenty of Sky Sports bars in Chamonix where you can watch highlights for the price of a pint.


    agentdagnamit – Member
    Wow, you pay for data roaming? Must cost a fortune

    £5 a day Euro passport unlimited data from 3.

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