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  • Terry Pratchett fans , help me please.
  • Pigface

    Mort for me as we’ll as it is a stand alone. Soul Music is good as well, the Colour ofMagic and The Light Fantastic are so clunky compared to his later stuff. He just got better at writing.


    I stared with guards guards when it first came out and never looked back. The Tiffany Aching series is good but Mrs NBT didn;t really like “I shall wear midnight” when she tried it – she did like guards guards though


    Guards Guards is the best place to start I reckon.. I read it at about 14 I think and have waited eagerly for every book he’s done since


    +1 for Mort.
    Recently re-read mort and the colour of magic, agree with above, the colour of magic is not a good start, it’s a good book, but not a good start if he’s not used to the genre. Mort is a good stand alone book, it was the first of his I read when I was 13 after borrowing it off a cousin. I’ve just started re-reading Reaper man, then I’ll re-read Soul music. I also love the way he writes Death, and the VOICE as well. Death of Rats too, haha, TP, what a guy.


    Reaper Man was my favourite as a kid – Susan appealed to the rebellious aspect of my teenage personality. As good an entry as any. Guards! Guards! is great but a long book from memory. Reaper Man is a real page turner.

    Soul Music and Moving PIctures are two of my favourites.

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    I wouldn’t start with Light Fantastic/Colour of Magic either, they’re much more niche/geeky fantasy, and they just don’t stand up as well. Too much pastiche, too much just not very good. It’s all a bit Robert Rankin tbh.

    Moving Pictures was my first- it stands up well on its own, and isn’t laden with nerd-ness. Or Mort, Reaper Man, Guards Guards.


    Thank you all for the replies. Guards Guards is on its way via Ebay and with all the recommendations and my son’s response to his first TP read I will take it from there. ( Mort looks like the next in line ).
    The Wee Free Men should be acquired too methinks.

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    You have chosen…

    … wisely.

    Vimes is just about the best character in the Discworld series IMHO. Just superbly written and developed.

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    Wee Free Men was bought for me as a Christmas present on CD read by Tony Robinson. I went to the lakes for New Year and listened to it on the way. It’s a wonder I did not drive off the road I was laughing so hard. Crivens!!

    Good Omens is also a funny read. “Which Chapter are you from?” Revelations…..

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    colour of magic dragged for me plus rincewind is a bit of a bastard in it, he gets better as the series progresses, TBH I think the whole cast of the discworld get better, the occasional inconsistencies irk tho.

    I’d say guards guards or wyrd sisters

    Ah – so that’s what I did with summers when I was a kid…

    I think I raced through most of the discworld stuff pretty quickly, for some reason non discworld side project “Good Omens” seems to my most fondlly remembered.

    I’d try and vary his reading diet by including something like “Slaughterhouse Five” and “On the Beach” especially if he reads them within eyeshot of his English teachers.

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