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  • tumnurkoz

    check out the outwell range, very nice clicky


    hi all
    we need a new tent what i want is a maximam of 4 poles ground sheet and tent all in one with separate sleeping compartment. we had a coleman bispace 400 so i would like something the same size but just quicker to erect as yesturday i was absolutly soaked putting the thing up and this morning soaked pulling it down again. so recommendations please.


    bought a seconds base 4.2 just the other week – its ace.
    also bought a seconds base to park right in front of the 4.2, they kinda dock together which doubles the living space, one room for cooking, sitting, wet kit etc… the other for nice warm snuggness.

    top marks from me

    We are borrowing someone's Outwell for the Big Bike Bash weekend. Remind me and I will tell you what it was like. 5 man tent from Go Outdoors


    Our Vango Equinox 450 is 4 man with two compartments, comically easy to put up and very, very weatherproof:
    Vango Equinox 450

    The additional "footprint" (basically a groundsheet) is esential.

    That's the problem with buying tents these days. There's too much choice and the value for money is amazing. I'm still trying to decide what lightweight sub £100 1-2 man tent to buy for an adventure in late September. Everytime I try and nail the decision, I see another one. I think I'm going to go for the Avior X2.

    Those were the days…when anything that wouldn't leak like a sieve in drizzle cost around £500.


    Sheesh, some people will complain about anything. 🙂


    thanks for the reply chaps im watching a few rage tents on the bay but i do like the look of the decathlon tent as well i,ll have a trip to the shop next week.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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