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  • Tennis elbow – any sufferers and any remedies?
  • organic355

    I think I’ve got tennis elbow, from playing badminton (yes I know I am doing it wrong), and probably over exerting myself at karate too.

    Any sufferers and any remedies or recommendations for elbow supports.

    Ive had a few weeks off the badminton, and don’t go back until January, but I am waking up every morning with pain in my outer elbow.

    Cant be sure whether its the karate or badminton that’s doing it but dont want to stop either long term.


    I have tennis elbow and find hat one of those tennis elbow support straps that you can get from a pharmacy works really well.

    IME you should only wear it when the elbow hurts or you’re going to do an activity that will make it hurt ( 😉 😳 ) as otherwise you’ll, aparently, make your elbow dependant on it an it will weaken over time.

    I did this and found that I now only need to use the support if I’m playing badminton/tennis/table tennis or using a hammer drill.

    In the early days I used to wear it riding as bumpy trails would make it ache after an hour or so.


    Try glucosamine sulphate and MSM. It’s helped me. Load up at first and now 4 months later, I take about 2 per week.


    Hey organic for me I’ve found the Mueller adjustable tennis elbow support works well and as wombat stated only wear when doing any activities.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    As a climber – and tennis/golf elbow afflicts a great many of us thanks to various dodgy training and conditioning techniques, I can say with confidence that it’s not a simple subject with easy answers.

    It might be worth searching somewhere like UKClimbing for threads on tennis elbow – there are many with a wide range of differing advice.

    Anecdotally, when I had fairly severe problems in my left elbow (keeping me awake at night, pain during everyday activities), the only thing that sorted me out was physio – combination of gentle exercise and massage.

    There are mixed messages about straps – they did nowt whatsoever for me.

    First steps in my book would be to work out what’s aggravating it day to day – not just badminton/karate, but for me it was stuff like lifting heavy pans and even twiddling a wii nunchuk!

    Have a look at this link, which gives a reasonable explanation of the anatomy.

    I wouldn’t take the recommended exercises as gospel – for me, they were too intense and probably doing extra damage in the condition I was in. But those movements, with a light theraband, might help.

    A key principle, once you’re past the initial ‘acute’ phase of the injury, and it’s more of a chronic injury, is to not necessarily stop doing all exercise, as perversely, this may make things worse.

    I would imagine ‘explosive’ movements like badminton and karate would be a really bad idea (EDIT: Until recovery is well underway), but a very carefully controlled gentle exercise programme could well be helpful.


    I had this years ago and tried loads of remedies. The cure wad to go for the cortisone injection. That was painful (I don’t think I’ve ever experienced pain like that) but it did the trick and the TE never returned.


    Rest, as in don’t do whatever is aggrevating it and bicep curls with a very light weight worked for me.

    Let me see: Friction massage, stretching, ultrasound, forearm clasp, steroid injection, botox injection, acupuncture. They are the commonly used techniques for true tennis elbow. Most tennis elbow pain comes from the neck though.

    Hi, i have been suffering from tennis elbow now for three months. Finally went to the docs three days ago and he gave me anti inflammatories.I decided against the steroid injections because they are only a short term fix and it will return.
    Anyway after two hours of taking the first tablet i noticed relief straight away and here i am a couple of days on with no pain whatsoever.


    After rest/physio take some badminton coaching and learn the correct technique to avoid recurrence. Warning – coaching becomes addictive and ain’t usually cheap.

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    I had tennis elbow when – curiously enough – I played tennis 3 times a week. I had the glucosamine and even had the cortisone, but the only thing that made the pain go away was stopping playing tennis. It’s a shame, but there’s enough activities in my life that keep me entertained.

    Sorry, not much help 😆

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Good luck as its bl@@dy painful. My remedy – ice, lots of massage, a strap for a while plus a neoprene elbow thingie – took about three months to get over and still a slight twinge if forcing my backhand.

    I made the massage really hard/painful and lots of ice!!

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