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  • Tendonitis / Tennis Elbow – any suggestions?
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    Palm up lift whenever possible

    frozen peas of affected area

    Is it really the tendon. Can you fid it give it a squeeze and create agony?

    I think that for years I thought every ache was tennis elbow when it wasn’t ( I had had it). Turned out most of the pain was Thorasic (thoracic) joints pressing on the nerves and making me think I’d got tennis elbow again. Doing less and tensing up then made it worse. Speak to a physio.


    I had my own blood injected into the tendon AMAZING along with uplift exercises my persistent pain has gone for the first time in over 12 months

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    Had it in my right arm last year and it has cleared up but started to feel in my left arm today and wonder if this is now catching up! Any suggestions for treatment or help other than change hands?


    Many years ago I bought a little gadget thing that,I think, Navratilova was promoting. It was like a bar with 2 motorbike throttle grips on it turning in opposing directions. You simply held it in both hands and twisted left, right , left right for a few minutes each day. Looked on eBay and can’t find it yet but if I get more info I’ ll let you know.


    tennis elbow has been going on for 3 years now and is becoming a pain in the … well arm to be honest

    Lost count of GP visits
    Over 30 physio sessions
    3 osteopath visits
    5 acupunture sessions
    forearm braces
    2 lots of x rays
    worked hard on posture inc new desk, chair mouse ,keyboard
    pressure point therapy
    ultrsound treatment
    emptied the pot on my company health insurance two years in a row
    2 steroid injections (works for a couple of months)
    3 Elbow consultant visits
    countless stretching and strengthening exercises
    buckets of ibuporofen
    ice packs
    heat packs
    some nitroglcerine patches, doc said it was a long shot!

    surgery next option but physio is getting my nerves in my arm (EMG) and spine/neck (MRI) checked out before she lets me go under the knife just in case for the last two years everybody has got the diagnosis wrong.

    Doesnt bother me at all when riding MTB but hurts like hell on the road bike (less arm movementso it seizes up) or walking (gravity trying to straighten arm that doesnt appreciate being straightend. impossible to pick my nose even if I wanted to at times as my arm just wont bend.


    I had severe tennis and golfers elbow at the same time – from what the Doc says was abuse, too many years in the gym and throwing things 🙂
    Was on Naproxen for 3 years until I discovered a compound called Super Cissus, this worked wonders and am now off Naproxen.

    A colleague was telling me about his tennis elbow and he went to see a young physio just out of college, her advice was to pinpoint where the pain is coming from and kneed it with a knuckle or fingers for up to 10 mins morning and night, he said it was f’n agony but has worked.


    I would definitely recommend trying the exercises in the article I linked to. Its a bible for climbers (who are prone to elbow problems) and it sorted out my tennis elbow pretty quickly.

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    Suffered off an on for the last 10 years (currently not at the moment). Usually comes when I do a lot of DIY, not like putting up a shelf, more like gutting a house top to bottom. I dread when I get that first sign as I know it will be there for the next 12 month. I picked up an exercise off a physio a few years ago that’ seems to speed things up.

    With my arm full extended, hold an empty coke can (other drinks are avalible) so the top is in the parm of your hand and your fingers are down the can. Hold so the can is pointing down and then rotate it so it pointing up and try and point the can at yourself (hope that make sense). Hurt like hell at first me, but it’s the only thing I’ve found that feels like its “stretching” the bit that hurts,, if you know what I mean.

    Premier Icon gdm4

    Thank you all very much – age sucks hey!

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