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  • nasher

    I have mild symptoms of this in my right arm / wrist (and not due to hand shandies :-)) after doing 4 months od pretty intensive work without a rest.

    Basically I have been given anti inflamatories and told to rest it for a month or two…Bit of a problem when my work is mountain bike guiding and have lots of trails to repair and build.

    Anyone ever suffered from this and how long did the symtoms last and how did you manage it?



    probably not relevant to you as it doesn't sound like you sit at a computer all day but I had what I suspect was tendonitis in my left arm (pins and needles and sharp elbow pain) after a trip to Canada in 2008 and bashing away at a keyboard all day every day – I got one of those gel wrist rests for using with the keyboard and it went away within about a month


    See a good physio. Tendonitis in my elbow turned out to be caused by all kinds of imbalances and a trapped nerve further up at the neck, apparently this isnt uncommon!

    If it is straight tendonitis a physio will be able to help you avoid damaging it while still keeping it mobile. I was told not to rest for too long as this makes it worse, the best action seems to be being aware if what will aggrivate it and balancing it with exercises.


    A friend of mine suggested getting my neck area checked out as well.. will make an appointment with a physio.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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