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  • scud

    I’m no medical expert (not that it has stopped anyones opinion on here) but had same in my elbow, anti-inflammatories didn’t seem to cure it, i had a series of 2-3 steroid injections and that finally cleared it up.


    Rest and Ibuprofen.

    It will go away with time.

    I’m with Scud on this; I had (got as I’m not sure yet if it ever really goes away) supraspinatus tendonitis, rest and anti-inflammatories didn’t work, the first steriod jab made a wee bit of difference, an ultrasound scan showed where the problem was which the second steriod jab sorted out.


    I’d be looking at your setup also. Something ain’t right if your upsetting your Achilles, can be lots of things but saddle height and foot support/angle/cant are the usual suspects.

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    I have just finished LEJoG and hav been pretty much ignoring Achilles Temdinitis for much of the last week of riding.

    Now I am home what do I need to do to get over it and back on the bike?




    Agreed on set-up. Mine got pretty chronic, but now solved with orthotics, stretches, exercises and a bit of deep tissue massage and ultrasound at the start


    anti-inflammatories didn’t seem to cure it

    I cant possibly see how anti-inflammatories could cure Tendinitis.

    In fact they are likely to delay recovery by reducing blood flow and healing to the damaged area.

    The steroids injections in the other hand do exactly the opposite by irritating the area they encourage inflammation and healing.

    I think theres a bit of a misunderstanding with anti inflammatory’s and the constant advice to take them.

    There never going to heal anything. There just there to hide the symptoms and rest is meant to heal you.

    If you continue to do sport they might stop another area of your body getting injured but they wont do anything for the original injury. And they might stop the inflamed area injuring surrounding tissue but this is nt helping the original area, rest would be better.

    Im sure in 10-20 years time there will be a real back lash against “anti-inflammatories” as people begin to accept you need inflammation to promote healing and these drugs might actually mean it takes longer to heal by postponing this.

    They really should only be given to people who dont do sport and just want to get rid of pain. People who do sport should be encouraged just to rest and accept the pain and soreness is part of the healing process and is actually allowing them to heal as quick as possible.


    I suppose this situation came about because professional sportists cant always rest, they need to compete. In certain situations anti-inflammatories will help them compete with less pain and less chance of doing more damage. And whats good for professional is good for amateurs too.

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