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    are not tenanted gardens a repository for all the cra tennts bring with them and dont want, old furniture,,cookers, fridges, beer cans, rusty bq, etc, then add in empty beer and wine cans and botles, you really have no need for a lawnmover, just beaware of newly dug soil someone or something may be buried below.

    What a terribly quaint and one might say, bigoted, view of how we tenants live.

    I’ve re-turfed the front lawn and have replaced one of the back garden fences of the current property we live in. I talked the landlord into giving us a rent reduction in line with the cost of the materials but provided all the labour for free.

    We’re not all scumbags who lurch from one property to another dumping crap, some of us treat other house as our home, no matter how comparitively brief our stay in them.

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    If I objected to buying a lawnmower then I wouldn’t rent a house with a lawn.

    Every property I’ve rented (lots of moves with work in 15 years,) has upkeep of the garden included in the tenancy agreement and never had a lawnmower supplied!

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    I know people who have garden maintenance as part of the rules in their contract. Comes out the deposit if they dot keep stuff up.

    Both have kept the gardens immaculate and have spent large amounts on plants etc. It depends on the nature of your renter. Get one who likes gardens.

    Another trick is to offer a ‘rebate’ each month if the property is well kept. Even a small amount seems to work as I know of one person who gets £10 back per month and it seems enough to encourage them.

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    Gardening, a tedious chore. When I rented different houses over many years, there was always a mower in the shed which I used every few weeks or so. At the end of the tenancy I got a gardener in to do all the flower beds and stuff & make it look decent. I would find it odd to rent a place without a mower, I certainly wouldn’t of wanted to buy one.

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